Hot Fudge's Mentor Application
Character names: Hot Fudge, Trips and Falls, FOURTYFIVE-25, C.H.E.S.S. MODEL 1253xE, Amanita Muscaria, Dominic Shimizu
BYOND username: Sockssq
Discord username: Socks
Recommended by: N/A
Goon servers you play: Primarily Goon 3

Reason for application + game experience:

Reason for Application: If I could make it short and simple, I love to help new people. I could go on and on about this game and everything so cool about it for hours. When I first started out on Goon 3, I was a clueless newbee who fucked up a lot, but so many people helped me learn. Seeing someone need help, I try to instantly step in to help them and walk them through what they are having trouble with. When they finally get it I get so giddy since I knew I helped them even if I have very little knowledge of the subject.

Game Experience: I feel I have a bit of trouble in a few civilian departments since I lack the hours inside of it to know every knot and turn. If you asked me average questions about the department, I am confident that I would know the answer.

General Medical:  Medical was my first department and my first ever character sprouted from it. I know every single chemical in the nanomed confidently, I try to remember the more obscure ones just in case I ever need it in the round. I know most tricks and tips of the cloner and also surgery. I can remember most of the common tools you would need for improvised surgery. It's been a while since I have played medical so I don’t know where every organ is in the body yet, but I could still help someone through the basic process of surgery.

Genetics: In genetics, I feel like I have a basic knowledge of it. I could tell you how to drag a monkey into it, safely use a monkey with it, or how to use the genetek scanner. I know more basic gene combinations, but I do not have in-depth knowledge about this department.

Robotics: This department you will probably never see me in, but even then I still know everything that you would need to know about. I know how to make cyborgs, I know how to get out the brain or edit limbs on a cyborg. I know how to make medibots, securitrons, and other small bots without the fabricator. I can confidently say, I am experienced in this department.

General Department: One of my characters is Hot Fudge, so I have played many hours of security in my three years. I know every weapon and what it does and how to utilize it. I try to communicate with my team thoroughly and also try to remind newer sec players to also do this. I feel like I've taught many new officers the basics of Security pretty well.

Forensics: I absolutely love how forensics works and I am deeply fascinated with it still. I know how to use all of the tools that a Detective has on start, and could explain it any time on the top of my head. When I am an officer and I have a detective, I try to leave the forensics to them unless they are not responsive.

Combat: I think I’m average in combat. I could teach someone the basics of combat, even knowing a few tips in combat in the ring or how to dodge.

Telescience: I know how to use the LRT more than the teleporter, I have taught a few people how to find LRT locations. I am definitely not a math teacher so I could never teach someone the teleporter even if I really tried.

Chemistry: I know most basic chemicals in chemistry, and could teach someone on how to make them with the wikis help since I don't remember all of the recipes. I understand most of it, but I have never really gone fully in- depth into it.

ArtSci: Probably the lab you will find me in the most, I know how to use the dwaine terminal and the program. I know almost all of the shortcuts on the computer and also outside of it. I confidently will teach someone ArtSci, if I catch someone who needs help in the department.

Toxins: It has never been my strongest department. I know how to make a TTV and how to defuse one. I know all of the basic activators for them as well such as signallers. I know how most of the gasses react to each other, and I have teached players on them.


Nuclear Engine: I have taught a few people as Chief Engineer on how this engine works. It is definitely one of the more confusing engines to me. I know what gas is good for it and also what gas is bad for it. Sometimes I forget a few subjects, like what a good stator load is for it.

Thermo-Electric Generator: I am prone to accidentally set myself on fire with a TEG. I know how to make a stable chamberburn and charburn with this engine, but I have never got into the advanced stuff with plating. I know how to turn the blowers on- and also how the pipe systems work.

Singularity Engine: My favorite engine to set up, no contest.  It is the most simple engine in my opinion and a great start for new engineering players. I have taught so many people how to turn it on. I tend to make bigulos, and I know how to make even larger fields than 11x11. Back to what I said about toxins, I have no clue how to cool plasma to make more power. I know it's a feature, but most of the time I don't bother. Singulo feeders on the other hand, I know how to make basic feeders such as button operated, pressure sensors, or automatic signallers.

Mechanics: I could teach a person how to make a basic telehub or a teleporter with a hand scanner. Other than that, I have rarely experimented with mechcomp since I don’t find any of my interest in it.

Packet Hacking: I know how to packet hack doors and that’s all of my knowledge in packeting. So it is the only thing in packets I could teach a player!

Cargo: One of my least played roles in the engineering department, but I have made tons of money in cargo. I have taught a few new players on how to make money and know the tricks on how to make tons of money also for yourself.

Mining: One of my least played roles, since I never had a strong interest in it. I have taught a few new players in this department, in my opinion it's one of the jobs that is good for a newbee who has learned the basics of the game. I know how to make a strong custom made pickaxe, and I have experimented some with combining ores- but not to the point of knowing too much of the system.

In General: Like I said, one of my least played departments with only basic knowledge of most of it.

Catering: When I do play civilian, I will mostly go for catering jobs. I have remembered a lot of drink recipes but not many food recipes. Either if you are a bartender or chef, you will always need to have that wiki open just in case.

Janitorial: I've taught a few players on how to be a janitor, and all of the upsides and downsides to the tools that janitors are equipped with. One of the easiest jobs for a newbee to know the mechanics of a game, and it's great if you just want to chill. I fall back on Janitorial work if I need a break from one of my main departments, such as security.


I know how most of the common traitor items work and all of their flaws. Other than that other antags, such as vampires or changelings I know a few tips or tricks but other than that basic knowledge. I don't play either role a lot so my knowledge on them is limited. Offstation antags like salvagers, I have played very few hours of salvager gameplay, but I know a lot of the tips on how to make tons of points. I have also taught a few new salvagers on how to salvage and use their tools.
My Flaws & My Areas of Improvement

I grew up an anxious person, but Goonstation allowed me to come out of my shell for the most of the part. I have been overwhelmed by a few situations before, but I try to keep my cool and let someone else handle it if I am not in the right mind to do so. I have a background of being meta-whiney when caught as an antagonist, but I have changed how I react to it, and I feel I have improved personally. I enjoy being caught a lot as an antagonist now, because of the thrill and the comedy of it.

Previous bans: Warnings sure, but bans? No.

If you have read through this entire application, I thank you. Criticism and Feedback are always appreciated, if you believe I have other areas to improve in text or game.
I'll throw in a vote for Socks, as I've stated previously: He was one of the first to mentor me when I first started playing on Goon a few months back. It's funny he says mining is his least played role because that was exactly the role he helped mentor me in. That and Medical.
I've never seen you teach personally or answer anything in the questions channel but I'm not saying you never have - I'll be sure to comment again if I notice you teaching somebody. What I have noticed though, is you seem pretty capable when it comes to game knowledge and has been friendly when I was fairly fresh and still from recent memory. So, if you do teach and I've just managed it to miss it? I really don't see why not, support from me.
I'll.. mostly only be able to look at this from the security side of things, as Sockssq and I don't find each other in the same department often others, but..! From what I've seen there they've proven to certainly be quite an excellent instructor. At least during the few times I've seen it happen. They also seem to be someone who has no problem with, and is often quite happy to answer and mechanical questions. Much like 444 had mentioned, my biggest concern is I don't recall seeing much from them in the questions channel. Overall, mostly positive on this.

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