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[MERGED PR] Adds chaplain mechanic 'faith'. Uses it for healing
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About the PR
[Old thread]( (not that relevant anymore)
Adds a hidden variable faith to chaplain training
All chaplains will receive all of the produced faith. Faith is used individually.

# Faith production
Faith can only be produced by humans, critters, borgs and AI that are a player, conscious and a non-ghost role
chaplains will produce a little bit of faith based on the current faith just by meeting the previous criteria (only to themselves, lower the faith the higher the gain)
everyone else (with a few exceptions) who is in the chapel will produce faith at a much larger speed

# Healing
Healing will use 2.5% of your faith to increase the healing done up to a maximum of 30 (at 5000 faith). Will also apply to attacking vampires.
Faith will also increase the chance of successful healing
Starting amount of faith makes the bible the same as currently. Being near 0 faith makes it really bad for healing.

Why's this needed?
It gives a mechanical benefit for chaplains holding sermons and other events.

It also makes it possible for other faith interactions to be added, but they are outside the scope of this pr (maybe chaplain's gun, station grade?)


(*)Chaplain will now gather faith from people in the chapel. Faith will increase the healing done by the bible

I like the idea of encouraging people to congregate in the chapel, but a kinetic gun that regenerates bullets by magic is... weird? I dunno, it doesn't really fit the setting and on station stuff tends to be pretty grounded.
If anything, I think the faith mechanic would work better for bible healing since that's already essentially magic.
not a fan of:
- infinite magazine size
- it being chaplain only now. theres no point stealing it
- no reloading full stop
- magic kinetics (it may as well be an egun)
- boom or bust (useless or possibly overpowered)

while i'm a fan of the faith mechanic i'd rather it didn't change how ammo worked, but instead the projectiles itself like a damage bonus.

reason being, kinetics are in a unique place on goon, where people want to just blast folk with them a crapton until it goes click. mostly because it kills people quickly. ideally, to limit this, ammunition is always fairly limited/awkward to manipulate. this really breaks that convention.

my suggestion:
- revert to standard 4 .22 rounds, allowing non-chaplains to shoot it again.
- make it so when a chaplain fires it, it burns 33% of your current faith to:
- increase the damage logarithmically based on current faith (hard-capping at 50 damage, granting it a hard to sustain 2-h-KO, when at maximum strength)
- if faith is above some number, give it a new projectile sprite, and maybe turn the implant type implicitly into a subtype of silver bullets (named 'blessed' bullets)

- integrate faith (the number) with more of chaplain's equipment. its not guaranteed you want to shoot people, but it is guaranteed we want to encourage sermons or at least visits.

like leah suggested, perhaps its useful making bible beatings have better effects, too. high faith chaplains could expend faith to give status effect buffs with bible beatings. holy water vessels could have a custom, bespoke check for if the splasher is a chaplain, then also do fancy stuff as you splash people. soul candles could provide faith etc. etc.
I don't think the reward for chaplain doing their job should be access to bullets. The reward here is extremly detached from what they are doing to get it.

Except maybe the idea is to force people to visit the chapel at gunpoint.
I like the concept of an invisible faith counter for the chaplain, but i agree that it would make more sense for it to buff the gun instead of being necessary to even shoot it. In terms of other things having faith could do as well, perhaps it could bias death rng during crit in your favor.
Love the faith building mechanic, don't love it being used specifically for Gun.
At 1st I like this idea, but people make good reasoning on why it would be dumb for the chaplain.

I do like the suggestion of "Faith gives better healing" insted.

Infact... let's build on that.

Faith mechanics now generate increased bible healing powers by 25% per 8 minutes.
More people in the chapel the stronger your healing becomes overtime.
At 200% power your holy water can cure diseases and the such too.
at 300% power you will never "accidentally" smack a person or yourself anymore. The bible only heals now.
at 400% power you can cure mutations
at 1000% power you can bring back the dead (if the corpse ain't rotten) with bible smacking + holy water.
at 2000% power you can give a strong regenrative aura by smacking people with a book.

And that's it for now.

On classic you will gain: 175% if no one comes to the chapel. (total 275%)
On rp you will gain: 275% if no one comes to the chapel. (total 375%)

Now this is just a "suggestion" for it.
But this would make the chapel a good second place for healing then medbay. It lowers the stress on medbay, while increasing stuff to do for the chapel.

Ooh right... the healing power does increase the HP gained from the bible healing.
It would probably be decreased from it's usual start, but I don't know how much a bible smack heals in numbers.
Would you guys think it would be too broken to also tie the power of faith towards how much damage it can do to the vamp when chaplain smacks them with a bible?
I want to see full power bible smack just vaporize a vamp if they bring it to the church. Would be funny as hell.
Changed the pr to include healing instead of gun. I still plan on doing something to the gun, in a later pr but that needs more work (probably just pretty much TDHooligan's idea)
Overall, I think this'd be a nice buff to the bible. I can't imagine needing to use the bible much early in the round, so you can build up a few points there while everything is still going into motion. Especially on RP, you'll end up with ALOT of passive points even if you're not using the chapel.

I'm down for adding it in for now, and adjusting the points at a later point. Maybe raise or lower the starting points and go from there depending on how it's actually used
(01-09-2024, 02:23 PM)valtsu0 Wrote: Changed the pr to include healing instead of gun. I still plan on doing something to the gun, but that needs more work (probably just pretty much TDHooligan's idea)

Personally, I think there's humor in the Priest just whipping out a mundane gun and firing, but if some kind of faith integration were a thing and it were more closely tied to their Bible/Holy book, I'd do something with the effect being tied to holstering the gun back into the book.
if faith is high then it adds funny visual and sound effects to the gun when used by the chaplain, but doesnt actually change stats or anything. imo.

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