Vinny... Or was it Binny?'s Head of Security Application.
Always a pleasant and inclusive member of the community every time I've seen them around. Both their play style and how they speak with others make for a great time. The security rounds I remember playing with them have all been good and focused on the sense of working as a team. I'd be happy to see someone like Vinny have a more notable role given to them because their interactions with the community have been positive.

Binny is a great secoff who understands not only the mechanics of the game, but also what makes the game fun, He has a great intuition on when to let the antags keep gear and when to take it away and reliably guides the round in the right direction, especially on lowpop servers when sec is very sparse. Their a great secoff and a great fit for HoS, and would be great to have them HE me to death with a lawbringer one day, +1
Binny is certainly a very effective officer. He does communication well and he is fair when dealing with antags.
I do think he would be very effective as HOS.
However... I do get the feeling that you are "playing to win" sometimes. I have basically never seen you without insuls, gas mask and a full set of tools and all the weapons you can carry roundstart even on calmer shifts.
It's not always much of an issue as I know you have fun and play along with antags, but I've also seen how you play antag yourself, and it reminded me of that sentence in your app: " can be really un-fun and unfair when there's no proper security in a round and an antag just sweeps the entire station".
It's something I've seen you do yourself.. going rampaging on a no sec shift without really caring about how it might make things unfun or unfair for others.
It might just be my warped view of a RP player, and be normal on classic, but to me a HOS should try to make things fun and be an example even when they don't play sec.
Again, it's just my very subjective feeling and I do really think you are a gem when part of the sec team!
I just want to update this and say I've noticed an improvement over the points I've made. I saw some cool antag rounds from him also, so I'm changing my comment to a +1!
I've been waiting a while to post this as I wanted to spend more time playing with Binny/Ynniv etc but I figure the window for this round of applications is closing soon and I want to get my voice in.

Let's try sort this into something semi-organized:

Leadership - Binny has shown fantastic leadership within security. He can guide and lead others in dealing with threats, such as by getting officers to check locations, or what to be aware of, or even regrouping to take care of werewolves. He is also informative and can show new players the ropes. 

Communication - Fantastic again. Talks. Lets the team know what's up. Checks in on the team and makes sure people are good. Makes people aware of parolling etc and keeps his voice on comms. If he hasn't talked for too long he is probably dead lol.

Sentencing / Round Flow / Chaos & Order - Binny understands that sometimes antagonists need to catch a break from security and that confiscating everything can ruin someone's round. I've seen Binny use his judgement about what items a traitor should keep to help keep the round spicy. Binny leans on the lenient side but has been a more in the middle recently. Well within acceptable behaviour but I encourage to continue being in the middle ground between being harsh and being lenient. 

Backbone/discipline - An important part about being HoS is letting people know when they've stepped out of line. I remember him explaining to an engineer why there should not be a mechcomp tesla coil square in the primary hallway lol. Handled and explained it well to a non-antagonist. I haven't seen him dealing with shitsec but that is probably because I normally play HoS, and shitsec is normally rare, and with mind protection now you don't need to be on guard for hacked security (but BACK IN MY DAY......).

Character - I have seen and trust Binny to follow the rules and culture of the game and that he is honest when it comes to the serious not-game stuff. 

I think one quite positive thing I have seen is other people in-game saying they would play security if Binny were HoS. I believe the general playerbase reaction would be positive to Binny becoming HoS.

And as some nerd who got approved to be HoS I think "Would I be comfortable being led by Binny?", and the answer is yeah, he'd do well. He might have slightly different thoughts on sentences and how to keep the round going but all his ideas are within what I would expect from a HoS. I look forward to telling Binny "Congrats, good work chief" sometime soon.
-1, always beats me when I'm antag

Hi Binny/Ynniv/Vinny,

Good to finally see your HoS application. 
I've had plenty of shifts with Binny on the security team. I think Binny generally demonstrates a much higher degree of maturity and professionalism when it comes to handling matters.

I think a major issue currently on the server is the lack of understanding when it comes to punishing antags. I've seen plenty of shifts where the security team is very rash when it comes to executing antags, killing them early in the round. Sometimes the reverse happens, where the antag is not appropriately searched and punished despite multiple killings. In almost all of these cases, Binny has been a voice of reason and handles this delicate matter well. I can't think of a time where I thought a punishment was too lenient or too harsh.

Additionally, Binny communicates effectively, works with a team and often takes on a leader role, organising the security team to work well. 

I'd like to add to the powergaming aspect too. Personally I don't believe Binny particularly powergames. Insuls and gas masks, sure. However I personally have not seen him go out of his way to use anything outside of the sec arsenal provided. 

Overall, a big +1 from me. I think you will be a good change to the current security culture, and it would be great to have a mature and responsible HoS to teach the newer players. 
+1 for Binny!

They're a fun secoff to play with, no matter what side of the law you're on. They've teached me and other secoffs how to properly handle antags and survive the madness of this station. A thing that secoffs have trouble on is wether they're being very or too little lenient, which makes the round less fun for everyone, and Binny makes a good balance to it to ensure everyone has fun and the antags still have a fair chance. Very robust too!

Overall, Binny is a secoff I admire a lot, and would completely trust to be HoS.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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