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[MERGED PR] Cyborg Module Tool List Reorganization
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**About the PR**

Module tool lists load in two steps: common tools and job tools.
the common tools are the tools shown on the 'blank' module when looked at in module rewriter.
These currently load at the top of all borg modules, and then the individual lists for each module type load below it.

This PR includes changes to the common tool list, changing the common tool loadout to
Cell Cables
Atmospheric Analyzer
Reagent Scanner
Flash Light
Health Analyzer

As well as shifting around the tools in the job modules themselves.
All job modules are affected.

Two modules, mining and medical, have had their common tools inheritance revoked for the purpose of better organization.

**Why's this needed?**

[Image: fc8cb353-5e38-40f5-bd04-c739e528b038]

tl;dr I don't like scrolling and this system would be better as a gridview, not a scroll wheel, but thats outside of my capability right now.

The default loadout results in a handful of situations where more menu scrolling is necessary to handle a given situation than should really be necessary. While there has been talk of a cloud save system for module loadouts, it is not currently implemented or underway. This intends to stop gap that and act as a baseline for future module layouts for players.

Using my own experiences with hundreds of hours of cyborg shell game play, I've adjusted the list layouts.
This includes the decision to remove the common tool inheritance from Medical and Engineering, and perhaps others, to account for common borg responsibilities that the player encounters.


There is a methodology to the reorganization; concentrating the most commonly used tools together in groups of at least 7, biasing the most commonly used tools towards the middle of the list, and then shifting respective sub-jobs up and down in the list by order of engagement from my own experience. I'm hoping to encourage the player's attention to naturally keep the scroll closer to the middle in an effort to remove tedious two+ full scrolls on modules like brobo, engineering, and civilian

Tools have been sorted to decrease scroll distance in most cases that I can think of. If you are looking for one tool, tools with a relevant activity should be as close as possible.

[Image: 7bfc05a7-eef9-4c4f-a196-cb00d5e6e2d6]

Seeing as how this may also result in some borg item TODO's getting resolved as well:
Resolved TODO relating to a 'more versatile pen' comment under civilian module
Input on further changes to the layout
Assistance in setting a default view position for each module.
Scroll through / carousel scrolling, not a distinct top / bottom of list would be a delight.


(*)Changed loadout orders for all public cyborg modules in an effort to decrease overall scrolling

[SILICON] [UI] [Code-Quality] [Input-Wanted]

I still think borg modules need to be 5 things:

1: presets as we have now.
2: Customizable sets by letting robotcists pick and chose what's needed. (cause brobocop has things I want on civilian)
3: Each item has a "Module capacity cost" (The better it is the more it costs)
4: Managing of power consumption. (More tools means more power consumption)
5: Have basic tools like every cyborg without slotting into a preset.

This is a step into the direction I want and making robotcists more fun to play.

I think a lot of borg players would love to be a miner borg, but remove some of the carrying tools and bring medical tools along to heal their organic miners.
That said.. we do need to make sure medical tools cost a lot of capacity, so not every borg has a mender on hand every second.
This addresses the main problem that keeps me from enjoying borg (hating the way modules are organized and not wanting to fight the rewriter UI to organize it myself every round), seems like a fine step in the right direction until cloud saves can be implemented. I'll have to comb through the orders you've chosen more finely to have specific thoughts once I'm on my pc, but from a cursory glance through looks good to me.
So, I was skeptical first, but was convinced to try it out.
(Thanks Moonridden for spending the time reorganizing the module list for me.)
I did fear that I was too accustomed to the current order so it would feel bad.

I have to say: It was surprisingly fine.
I didn't need to search long for the tools I needed, and I got the impression that I was faster selecting the tools with less scrolling.
I only really tried the medical module, through.

It is generally a step into the right direction.

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