ThyFabledMan's HoS Application.
Usual Character Name: Declan Russel or Jack Corden
BYOND Username: ThyFabledMan
Discord Username: Fable or ThyFabledMan
Goon Servers I play: Mostly Goonstation 4, a little Goonstation 3, though not as much.

Security Experience: Since starting SS13, I've played lots of rounds, upwards of 160 hours just off the top of my head. I started out in Medical, then Medical Director, mostly playing Goonstation 4. I didn't like captain as much as I liked taking rounds and RP seriously, and sitting around waiting for someone to need the captain didn't really sit as well with me as helping people in medical. Then I discovered detective. Detective was a ton of fun, and was the best of both worlds between regular crew and security. It comes with both the sense of helping people from medical, socializing from regular crew, and goofing around from the crew. I could smoke all I wanted, and to me security officer seemed boring and kind of one-note. Until I played it. Security officer was a complete shift from detective. You have more authority over the crew, and more ability to help those in need with your knowledge. It's also tons of fun to help new players around when you know the game, and Officers have free time and access to multiple departments. However, at the start, I admit I needed to be checked a couple times with authority. Security officers may be needed and have a high priority when it comes to authority, but you having that much power over another crew member can be truly devastating when it comes to the fun that other people have. If you make a bad call, and someone else's round gets ended early, or they get demoted extremely far due to a problem with your information, they suddenly waste upwards of an hour simply because you did not collaborate with others in your department. This taught me the extreme value of teamwork and needing to be level headed. A thief stealing your arm is not grounds for execution. Intense and repeated crayon drawing is not grounds for perma brigging. And I came into security with the wrong mindset, that security's job is to be the right hand of the law, quick and precise. However, that is simply not the case when it comes to many different situations. Sure, the scientist built canister bombs, but who are you to say that they should be demoted? Turns out they were duds and you just wasted someone's time when they could be having fun. That's why I believe I would be a good HoS. I'm always trying to balance the law of the station and the fun of the employees within. I've lived and learned, and in SEC mistakes are made all the time. However, mistakes should be learned from and I believe I have, and I will continue to learn for the rest of my time in this game with the wonderful people that populate the servers.

What advice would I give to other SEC players? That as a security officer or even a detective, you have a huge impact on the time of other people. You can use that for good or for bad. Try to use your authority to make other people's rounds better, and don't jump the gun on authorizations for brig time and executions like I've done. Also, learn from your mistakes and try not to beat yourself up about the mistakes you do make.

What is my favorite security moment? I had a round where we had to track down a serial pie-facer, who was using syndicate cloaking technology and packet hacking to prank everyone around the station. It was chaotic, fun, and was a good time for everyone all around.

What is a game change that you think would benefit security players? I think that more incentive for court cases and making them easier would allow security players more chance for roleplay, and the ability for big group conversations that people would love. Having the people be involved in court cases would bring the station together and be a source of fun for everyone involved. Right now I think Security has too much discretion when it comes to sentencing, a thing that others including me have abused and it has made people's times in Goonstation worse. I think that having a fleshed out court system would be more fun, and make it more interesting for criminals and crew.

Describe differences in playstyle when being the only officer and when having a full team? I tend to relax more when being the only security officer. Security leads to interpersonal bickering within the department many a time, and having me and a captain or me and another security officer leads to freer and more accurate information, along with consensus on sentencing. I tend to stress out more with a full team, as I usually play detective. Being split between multiple cases leads to me on occasion making bad calls on bad information, and that isn't conducive to a good time in general or in the security department. It's something that I need to and will continue to work on in the future, and it also depends on the officers I'm working with.

Write a poem about Security:

Why is the clown dead,
Why the hell is meth in maints,
Why is this so fun?

Previous bans: None, though I was warned for griefing as a newbie. Did the old potassium and water pills trick. Never done it since.
Just had a round with Jack Corden, seemed pretty level-headed. Knew a good amount of procedure and tried to help with some of the newer assistants. Created opportunities for RP and included others. I think you'd do fine as HoS.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of community response. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 7-5-24. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep sec officering!

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