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[MERGED PR] Wear and Tear: Light Bulbs and Switches
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About the PR

* Light bulbs have a 1% probability of "burning out" when activated, doing the following:
* The light bulb changes to the burned out sprite, mostly filling the fixture
* The light bulb does not emit light
* Burnt-out light bulbs have a 6.25% probability of exploding when activated
* Light switches slowly "wear out" over time:
* After ten uses, can shock the user
* After fifty uses, will also spark at the user's location
* Will only shock/spark when used twice in fifteen seconds.
* Using a screwdriver on a light switch resets the usage to zero

Light bulb bursting effect
Last light switch toggle burns out the left floor bulb

Why's this needed?
Give station lighting infrastructure a rate of "decay" incurred by use, enabling players to weaponize and react to the station "running down" over the course of a shift. Variance in light burn out allows for the station to wear down in minor ways over the course of a round. Small increase of impact to things that mess with APC power e.g. arcfiends / power sinks / ID access / cutting wires, and some random events that toggle/effect lights i.e. Vamp TEG, ion storm.

- [x] Add vfx/sfx for bulb burning out

Test Plan
- [x] Light switch shock
- [x] Spam on/off shocks
- [x] Waiting for the cooldown does not shock
- [x] Shock still happens if cooldown is re-triggered
- [x] Screwdriver with light switch on shocks user
- [x] Insuls protect from screwdriver shock
- [x] Screwdriver with light switch off does not shock user
- [x] Light bulb burn out
- [x] Bulb item and icon sprite stay in sync when burned out
- [x] Burned out lights do not emit light
- [x] Burned out bulbs are replaceable with a portable lamp manufacturer


(*)NanoTrasen has secured further discounts on station electrical equipment - details in minor notes.
(+)Lights may burn out when turned on. Burned out lights may burst if left unfixed.
(+)Over-use of light switches may cause a shock to users and/or their property. Re-secure the electrical contacts on light switches with a screwdriver.


As someone who delt with lightswitch flickers who do this constantly. I fear this will happen in spades and becomes a mega annoyance to delt with.

This isn't game breaking or anything, just MEGA ANNOYING.
Also this update is just anoying for those who keep flipping lights on and off, but also those who wish to keep the lights on.

If anything... we need reasons to turn off the lights to begin with for this to make this a better addition.
I remember when cargo on cog1 blew up every shift.
Because the lightblub in the hangar was placed directly above a fuel tank.

So random lights burning out was removed. Because it was just annoying.
Replacing lights is also not fun (hit hat small 3px wide light frame with a new tube...), and just more busywork for... mainly mechanics engineering.

And then you got the annoyances that just turn the lights off for no reason.
Yeah, not a fan either.. as much as I'd love to have more things to do as a busybody (bored engineer, janitor, staffy), I don't think this is the way to go. People already have issues finding the light switches in the dark, they don't need the added pain of it shocking them. Worse, they'd probably just yell at the AI to turn the dang lights back on so they don't get shocked so that does nothing.

I would be down for the light switch shocking the person flickering the lights on and off again though. Like, do it too fast and the switch starts overheating and shocking you instead of breaking down entirely.
If janitors had ways to replace lights similar to other code-bases (I.E. they have a device that can replace the lights by clicking on the tile the lights on, rather than the lights themselves) it would be give the janitors something else to do. Though the reason it works on other code-bases is cause 1. The aforementioned light replacing device makes replacing the lights rather easy and only involve 1 click. and 2. The lights won't cause explosions to happen due to placement above things that can explode.
Would be more fine with this if janitors had access to the light manufacturer in their toolkit. Currently there seems to be a lot of confusion with people inround as to whether it's janitorial or engineering's job to fix lights due to the lightbulbs and tubes being in custodial but the tool that does it better being in engineering. Unless this is intended to be another step in the direction of engineering taking full control of handling light repairs in which case fair I suppose
Lol. Sounds fun. I do agree with Joel though.
I like the core concept here a lot! would love to see more stuff like this pr'd because I think it's neat when station equipment actually shows signs of needing maintenance. I think the design concerns regarding light flickering becoming Light Grief are valid, though, so maybe a way for the lightswitch to be able to Tell when someone's spamming it and only make that person suffer for it would be necessary
I just pushed an update incorporating feedback - the intent of the changes is to ensure there are ways to respond to the wear and tear of the station safely, while still giving mechanical incentives to fix the lights.

I will be making a separate PR to increase the availability of the light manufacturer as I think light repair is something that janitors and others can be more involved with.

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