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Hide examine text when not your character?
Thoughts on making it so things that change your name/appearance (like rolling wizard, getting DNA scrambled, etc) removes your flavour text.  It makes it awkward trying to disguise yourself with the DNA scrambler if someone can just alt click you and still see it's you, and for things that changes your name and appearance when you roll it like wizard there's not much point in pulling your saveslot flavour text imo
Should be fixed now, I've covered wizards, nukies and DNA scramblers.
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(12-26-2023, 06:40 AM)GraceMeadows Wrote: The idea of having name/appearance changing things keep your flavor text seems logical to maintain balance and prevent abuse. This would provide some form of identification despite appearance changes, and make the gameplay more balanced.

I get it, but the idea of appearance changes is to PREVENT identification and this argument for reverting this doesn't even work because flavour text is optional. Nearly everyone I talked to who was aware that it was a problem before just didn't use the flavour text feature because it put you at such an unreasonable disadvantage when using those antag items
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