Dart Breaky's Mentor Application
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Usual character name(s): Dart Breaky and Cole Sleighr on Goon #3, Ratt Ratchet on Goon #4
BYOND username: IncendiaryCrocs
Discord username (if you are on our discord): IncendiaryCrocs#8544

Recommended by (if applicable): Partially by Minty
Goon servers you play: Goon #3, but recently Goon #4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

One year and six days ago I played Space Station 13 for the first time after watching a video on Youtube made by Charborg. I thought that the game was over-dramatized or they had a particularly funny and unique experience, but no - every round was just as wacky, zany and insane as the last. I was pretty much hooked immediately; the sheer depth of the game completely frazzled me, and the community is so unique compared to others.

I learned the basics on how to play on Goon #1 but halfway through the year I decided to try out #3 instead - I found it much more relaxing and interesting; somewhere where gimmicks, interesting characters and silly things are more encouraged. I've been quite active over the year, but I'm not particularly good at including myself in RP (except for being silly), and I have been inactive lately because College is back on and it takes up most of my free time.
I don't especially see players who are so new that they are bumbling around and falling over on the Roleplay servers, but it's not uncommon - I usually try to help out; I don't think there's another way of learning the very basics other than being actively taught about it. I believe that if people knew about Mentors the second they join then more people wouldn't leave in confusion - It sure would've helped me when I was fumbling around on my first round! Though I also understand that learning (and failing) how to play the game is just as fun - if not more - than playing once you've learned how. Scrolling through the wiki of Space Station 13 is an experience of its own, after all.
(Experience is colour coded into jobs)

I play a lot of Detective and Security Officer (about 30-50% of my gameplay), it's almost a completely different game than every other department, and I enjoy pretending to be in a Noire movie. I've been up against pretty much all of the antagonists (except the Slasher and Nukies, among some other Admeme antags), and I believe I know how to do my job in a way that's pleasing to all players involved, including the bad guys. In my opinion, most of the issues you get with security are mainly admin related, but I usually try to recruit Security Assistants to be my "Detective's Assistant" (coffee duty).
I'm not particularly somebody who plays a lot of Command - being in charge of other people sounds scary to somebody who is prone to making mistakes - I've taken Command roles on Goonstation #4 due to the lower player count (and less pressure), so I know how to use the ID computer, make announcements, all that.
I used to play a lot of botany, and I know pretty much all there is to it. I play less of it now than I used to, but I'm always a fan of creating my own deadly plant poisons or bowling melons. Supplying the catering department is neat too.
I play lots of Medical and I know how the medical system works (though there's been an update to surgery). I play robotics a little bit more than medical, because I like to build and interact with the Cyborgs. I don't use the "meta" medical chemicals, but I probably should. I'd say I'm definitely competent with medical and robotics, genetics too.
I love science, especially Chemical science. I've done Telescience; I quite like doing the calculations on paper in-game because it makes me look smart, but I haven't explored lots of the Adventure Zones myself. I've done some of Compsci too, which could be helpful with players who have no idea how to use the Computers, and Artifact Science is really fun for an entry-level job. I'd say I'm completely comfortable with my knowledge of science, and I'm starting to learn the secret chems (not that it would matter to be a Mentor if you can't speak about them!).
I know how to set up the engines and how to place those finnicky wires. Repairing breaches and creating rooms too. I haven't made Teleport components yet, but I technically know how. I am completely comfortable with being a Quartermaster, too.
I do not play staffie or roles such as that very much (I like the motivation of a job), though I've played clown to do some gimmicks, and mailman is fun if you run Requisitions. Janitor and Chaplain is always fun if you want to relax (and for new players). I know pretty much everything about Catering and Bartending too - I got bored and tried mixology in real life specifically because of SS13.
I am not particularly robust, so I almost exclusively try to do a dramatic or silly gimmick when it comes to being a bad guy. Despite my issue of skill, I know how to use all of the Syndicate items and objectives because I religiously read the SS13 wiki; I've been everything except Wizard, Werewolf and a Nuclear Operative (and the admeme antagonists of course) so I know a lot of theory about antags even if I'm terrible at being them, .

Overall, I think that I have a competent amount of information that I can give out to those who need to know information quickly. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day.  Jones the cat

[b]Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I don't think I've ever been banned. Though I think I was warned on one of my first rounds.[/b]
A little added context to the 'Recommended partially by Minty', I said 'go for it' in response to IncendiaryCrocs saying they think they might make a good mentor, it was more of a 'if you think you're a good fit, go for it' rather than a recommendation. I haven't seen you in-game much recently so I can't comment on how you are in-game. In the discord you are nice which I appreciate, I'd recommend putting yourself out there in the discord and in-game in case anyone needs help! If I see you about more chances are I'll make a follow up reply.
Seen you recently, under a name I didn't recognize. While you where mindhacked so not much teaching could be done you seemed pretty approachable and being responsive on the radio helped with that quite a lot. Seemed friendly as well. If you help out players fairly often then this has my support!
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of positive feedback. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be April 10, 2024. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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