Charles Fallare's HoS application
Usual character name: Charles Fallare
BYOND username: Piesuu
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Piesuu
Recommended by (if applicable):

@Chatauscours (Alex Wilo)
@EtherealSalt (Elias Martin)
@0oze (Cara Garnet)
@Wrench-1 (Maverick Sabre)

Goon servers you play: Server 3 (Morty)

Reason for application: 
A Head of Security is there to help and lead the team by training and coordinating security, making sure everyone is organized and well-informed. Those virtues are what makes playing security a whole lot of fun for me! Being part of a well coordinated department makes the experience better for both the crew and security itself and I would like to fill the role of that coordinator, there to provide a better experience for everyone!

Becoming a HoS is a goal I've aspired to for a while now, believing it is the next step for any experienced security player that enjoys command positions. I am aware of the stress that can come with the position and I am certain that I can handle it. During many shifts over the course of the last few months I have become the team's de-facto leader without an active HoS present, which finally solidified my confidence in my ability to peform well in the role.

Security experience (300 word minimum):
I first played a singular shift on Goonstation at the beginning of 2019 followed by a few days of gameplay in December 2021, however my adventure properly began in May 2022 over a year ago now. Security and command roles quickly became favorites due to their ability to help others and chaos-centered responsibilities. I have branched out into every department, but security still remains a favorite.

I learned a myriad of things from a lot of different people, ranging from full training sessions to a simple word of advice as well as some things I learned myself, including but not limited to:
  • Escalation - Proper escalation is crucial for roleplay and it doesn't always come easy. Using the least amount of force possible for an interaction isn't always the best solution and neither is going in guns blazing, though both have proper uses. I've learned a calm way of escalating which feels fair to the antagonizing side while not dumbing security staff down unnecesarily.

  • Communication - a quiet officer is not a good officer! Keeping contact with your team is the basis of teamwork and a staple of any good colleague. Team check-ins, reminders and case updates are all things I bring up with the team often. Information about what I'm doing, where I am responding and who I am arresting are some of the things I also inform everyone about. With good communication comes good support from your team after all!

  • Attitude - remaining calm and upbeat is an important part of security, being a grump will only increase the tensions between everyone and cause misunderstandings! Your characters IC mood should never spill into OOC and a thing like that has never happened to me as far as I can remember. I can stay upbeat and motivated on shift and if I happen to lose my cool and/or motivation, I'm not afraid to head into cryo early.

  • Leadership - There is a lot to be said about my experience with leadership, both coming from real life and the large amount of shifts I've spent as a captain and in other command roles. A leader has to be flexible enough to understand the point of view of those working for them, being understanding and kind while also having the capacity to step their foot down and stand their ground if the situation calls for it. The HoS' position as a team leader and not just boss means they are expected to work alongside their team instead of above them. I am capable of leading, being flexible while knowing when to step my foot down and understanding my team and how to best assist them.

  • Training - I have had the pleasure of training a lot of newer Players, it always is a fun experience! I make sure to seek out any newbees on the team and ask them about training, as well as making sure the team knows that I am happy to assist or take over should another trainer require help or need to leave.

  • Learning - I've always been able to learn quickly and from my own and others' mistakes, everybody can mess up but not everyone can own up to it and reflect on how to make sure it doesn't happen again! I've made a fair share of mistakes during my time but made sure to learn from every single one.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?

  • Communication, Communication?, Communication! - I outlined the basics for communication in my experience section, it is one of the first things anyone in security should master. A communicative team is a good team, no matter what threat they're thrown against. 

  • Chime in and ask questions! - It may feel awkward at times but it really isn't! You won't always know what is on someone's mind, it's better to ask why someone made x decision instead of assuming their reasons. You should also ask questions about anything you don't understand, even experienced players can learn a lot from someone with a different way of doing things!

  • Know that you can't always please everybody. - not everyone will be fine with being arrested, no matter how perfect of an arrest you perform! You should always go with a solution that makes everyone happy, but those don't always exist. Be able to justify any important decision you make, and keep anyone you arrest well-informed about why they are being arrested and what is going to happen to them.

  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?

  • Additional security statuses - Currently there isn't all that much and most of the ones available (Parole and Incarcerated, specifically) are not used according to their name, instead being used to mark suspicious persons. I propose a few new options:
  • [?] - suspicious person, monitor and excercise caution.
  • [...] - Talk to this person, they may need to be brought to security peacefully depending on their actions.
  • [X] - Detain on sight, this person is hostile and attempts at talking have failed.
  • A comment log for security records - Currently the available methods of marking down information on record are rather basic, with only minor and major crime fields available as well as important notes which serve two functions (the location of a character's security flavor text). A kind of comment log (similar to the way forum comments work!) would make writing down information much easier and additionally, brig timers could be hooked up to this system allowing for automatic logs of arrests and brig times served.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    Donutcurity! - Provide every officer with two lunchboxes of donut 'quota', not to be eaten but given out to the crew for assistance and cooperation!
    Someone takes the time to chat with an officer and report a crime? Donut!
    A doctor patches up an officer in medical after they come in hurt? Donut!
    A suspect cooperates during arrest and comes peacefully? Two donuts!
    Making a harmless competition on who can be the first to spend their quota and need more donuts would be a lot of fun and most of all, have security interacting with the crew even more!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): an appealed AI jobban for going way out of line and into powergaming, it was well-justified and served as a great vector for improvement.
100000% a million yes +1

Charles is incredible to work with, when I play HoS, I am so thrilled to see Charles on the team. Incredibly fair, dependable and really knowledgeable. Would be so happy to see him wear the beret.
Yeah. Easy yes. Piesuu helped me through the game when I first started, and had a really nice energy about them. Very capable in Security, communicates well and can take the lead. I've seen them teach me so I trust that they can teach new Security players.
While im allready on the reccomended by list. I do want to put my word out there. Charles (piesuu) Is a great communicative and engaging officer. they perform fair arrests while keeping roleplaying fun. Ive seen 'em take initiative when needed and teach other officers/sec-assistants. I'd love to see them in the beret.

Yeh :V
Charles is a good officer. I haven't played in a while so I can't really add much but from my experiences with them I 100% can +1.
Yup. Absolutely. Huge HoS energy at all times, keeps fellow officers up to date, someone you can rely on to take care of problems, makes sure new players know what they're doing. My only regret is not giving Piessu a recommendation. Give him the boots.
I'm honestly amazed that Charles is not already a HoS. Really good, competent and fun character to work with and against. +1  bee
I don't play on 3 much anymore, but while I still did I saw Charles put plenty of hours into security to know the ins and outs of the department. I've also seen them teach newer secoffs plenty (and cheerily), as well as knowing when to grant lenience to antags while still giving enough pushback to make the round interesting.

indeed a +1 if I've ever seen one.
Charles is great, and my recommendation still stands. Always a delight to have on the team. Great communication, great RP, great leadership, and a great teacher. Shows Antags lenience, but knows the moment when to put the foot down. Absolute stellar Sec Officer, and would make a great HoS.

Give this man the beret!

A talented capable and level headed player who has only grown the entire time I have played with them, I have no complaints worth mention.
Piessu is an awesome officer, and I am positive that he will become a great HoS.
Easy yes. Great person and great officer.
Charles has shown time and time again to be a great Officer! They're fair with Antags, reliable and more then capable of taking the lead when necessary. I personally can't wait to see them wearing the Beret!
Hello! Charles Fallare, during almost all of the times I've played with them, has been a good and level-headed officer, and very competent. Always happy to see them on the team.
I have seen Piesuu on many occasions jump at the chance to try and teach new officers/assistants; as well as be incredibly active, communicative, and willing to take command of situations in round. They're always a presence in every round I've seen them play security and I think they've got what it takes to be HoS.


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