Sally MacCaa's HoS application
Usual character name: Sally MacCaa
BYOND username: Avanth
Discord username (if you are on our discord): avanth2
Recommended by (if applicable): EtherealSalt
Goon servers you play: Goon 3.

Reason for application:

Simply, most rounds feel like they become more enjoyable when there's a head of security present on the team. They not only help with communication within the team, but  with keeping the team properly delegated as well. Organization can be, and is, a huge help a lot of the time. I would absolutely love to be that person. The person to help keep things not just organized and sane, but to help keep communication flowing. Plus, I enjoy taking charge and leading when the needed arises. Something I already do from time to time, when people seem to need direction and there has been nobody in a role that can provide it.

Security Experience:

I originally started playing space station 13 back in late 2021, however I don't really consider myself actually having started the game until around July 2022. I started off as well.. anything but security and slowly worked myself into it over time. At first I would rarely take a detective shift here and there on my original character (Whicc Thiggleton XXII), to see if I even enjoyed being part of security. Something I wasn't actually sure of for quite some time. At least not until Sally MacCaa came into existence, who quite rapidly ended up not only becoming my security based character, but the character I enjoyed playing the most. These days the vast majority of the rounds I end up participating in, I find myself in security. Most often as an officer, and less so as a detective any more.

Admittedly, I didn't quite have the normal learning experience when it came to the role. I didn't go through the standard introduction to the department. No, being guided through the various bits of it all, such as secmate. Instead I more or less picked a chunk of it up on my own. Not ideal, as I feel like newer members being guided is a great thing! (Though, in this case it's my own fault! I was a little more timid early on, and didn't quite reach out as much as I should have.) I did however have a slew of officers that I tended to stick myself to when it came to various cases early on to learn from, as they seemed quite knowledgeable. Notably, David Doe and David Davies, but they are certainly not the only two! Since then I feel like I've done nothing but grow and learn. Yeah, I'll fully admit that I certainly made a mistake here and there, but honestly those mistakes have given me something that I can learn from. Something to improve myself with.

When it comes to handling antagonists my views for doing so have changed substantially over the entirety of the time I've been in security. Originally I was someone a little more trigger happy. Someone with a slight itch to bring a bit of a crimer in. These days though? These days I often prefer to let them off with a bit of a warning at first, though that tends to be heavily dependent on if their gimmick happens to put any of the crew in actual danger or not. Often I feel like they should be given a chance to actually try to play out their gimmick further, and that far too often an antagonist will be cuffed, dragged into interrogation, and interrogated for something entirely harmless to the crew.

At times I can be found manning the front desk as well inside of security, and not just constantly out on patrol. To me, this gives others a place they know they can find a member of security that they can get into contact with. Someone they can come to with questions, information, or requests. Someone who can contact the rest of the team easily if the need arises for it.

Answer two or more of the following:

What advice would you give to other security players?
  • Communicate! Seriously. It's helps not only yourself, but the rest of the team when it comes to staying informed about not just new cases that might pop up, but on-going ones! This applies to both new members of the team, and old ones as well! A lack of communication can put people in danger, and can even stress others out if they are trying to get an understanding of what's currently on-going.
  • Relax. There's no reason to be constantly wound up, or uptight! Everyone is here to have an enjoyable time. If a round proves to be stressful, it also doesn't hurt to take a break on the next one! Give yourself a bit of time to relax, or mellow out. I do this myself! Instead of potentially going straight into another round stressed, or exhausted I'll step into observer and relax, or less often place myself into a role that is something a great deal less exhausting.

Describe any differences in your play-style when part of a full security team and when being the only officer.
As part of a team I tend to delegate more responsibilities to others on a team. This is so not only does everyone get an opportunity to take part, but so that nothing tends to be getting hogged. As for a solo security officer though? I tend to be more alert then normal, as I need to be responding to any and all potential threats. Depending on how hectic, crazy, and chaotic the round might get, that may end up with shorter interrogation sessions so that I can respond to the next threat and so on. Which can be a shame at times, as interrogation gives you more of an opportunity to interact with people!

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

Draw a picture!
Sure thing! Lets show off some non-existent art skills!
[Image: och-nae.png]

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

None that I can recall! I've been warned a few times, of which I've tried to take to heart and improve from, but I can't recall any bans.
Sally is consistently a friendly member of security that I'm always happy to see. She's someone you can rely on to get things done, if you can make out what she's saying through the accent. Often tries to keep the team relaxed and great at keeping up with situations on comms while guiding people in the direction of where they should go.

I'm not sure if it's my poor memory or a genuine lack of it, but I can't remember many occasions of Sally teaching a new member of security. Teaching new players in a way that they'll want to play security more is my biggest want with aspiring HoSes. If you do teach, then I'm so sorry I've missed that, and I'll be on the lookout for that in the future!

For now, +1 for this Scot. Excited to see where this goes.
My last visit to the forums was actually, no kidding, coming to see if Sally had made a HoS application at all because she just seemed such a natural fit for the role and I was surprised she wasn't already.

My experience with her has absolutely been a super kind, level-headed person who always makes me feel just that bit more at ease on the security team. I find myself looking up at her for judgement calls in a really natural way, almost without realising it - which she always does in a consistently helpful, friendly manner without actually pulling the case out of my hands. Judgement calls that I think are among the best on the market, too, both making the security department feel good about their job as well as keeping the rounds interesting and fun for the antags. Her appreciation of communication and coordination within a team very well reflect the emphasis on it in the application.

I've not talked to Avanth much OOCly other than a few LOOC moments in-game, but if the person behind it is anything like what the way they play their character implies, I am more than happy to vouch for Sally as a HoS.
Sally is always great to play with. The only issue I have is that I don't recall any times where Sally helped teach new members of sec. Otherwise I give them my full support.+1
On the inverse: Sally has actually taught me quite a bit about security writ large, and though she wasn't the one to give me my first sit-down "Welcome to Security" onboarding session (shout-out to Elias here), she's since shored up a lot of my knowledge. I try to take pages out of her book when it comes to confronting antagonists and, depending on severity of the situation, let them go with a warning, brief intero, or a ticket so they can cook their gimmick a bit longer. Her ability to not only delegate, but take a step back and let others take the reins, is by and large one of her strongest traits and one I appreciate as a fellow officer. She's supportive, fair, and thoughtful in every action. Not only that, but friendly, and funny as well!

All told: Yes, +1 for me. My full support. Would love to see her as a HoS!
I've served extensivelly with sally in security. I see no issue.
One hundo percent yes for Sally as HoS!

I only see good things from her in security and command, so I'd be more than happy to see her as HoS!

Go Sally!
Although I've already submitted my reccomendation, I'm more then happy to share a piece of my mind! It's always a pleasure working with Sally: they're a capabable and experienced Officer, focused and reliable, always ready to give everyone a chance to enjoy the round. I have no doubt they'll make a great HoS!

P.S.: Always happy to be of help, thevaliantknife! Boogiebot
I've seen Sally a lot recently, both as a security officer, and occasionally as a captain. From my experience working with them in security, I'd say Avanth is more than qualified to be an HoS; Sally works well with others, communicates with the team, gives out fair and reasonable sentences for crimes, and just generally seems to know her stuff when it comes to security. I've also seen Sally as a captain a few times, where she has done very well under the pressure of a command role and the responsibilities that come with it.

So yeah, I'd say Sally would make a fine Head of Security. +1
I would like to add to my own that I WOULD like to see sally do officer work as well as detective work. I've not seen her do officer in months.
(12-16-2023, 02:42 PM)Silent Majority Wrote: I would like to add to my own that I WOULD like to see sally do officer work as well as detective work. I've not seen her do officer in months.

Admittedly, I am rather confused by this. Officer work and detective work are the things I do the most of nearly every time I decided to pop in for a few rounds. Officer being the most by far. The majority of my shifts are in security, of which it's most often as an officer. Less often as a detective, as I do not wish to consistently hog the role as it is limited to one person. That way others can enjoy playing as a detective as well. The times I step out of security are the times I need a small break from it, and that isn't something that happens that often.
I'll say I've rp'd with Sally quite a bit since I came to play on goon 3 and Sally is one of the few officers I'd trust to be a good and fair HoS. She'd always give an appropriate amount of leniency I think whenever I did any antag antics so that it kept things fun. She's always been fairly helpful and more recently since I started doing security more she tends to value good communication(even with that thick accent) with other officers. I think it'd be overall a good thing. +1 for me.
(12-16-2023, 02:42 PM)Silent Majority Wrote: I would like to add to my own that I WOULD like to see sally do officer work as well as detective work. I've not seen her do officer in months.

I've seen Sally pretty frequently do officer work!
Hello! Sally has been a wonderful officer, only seen them play officer? Just got off a round with them as officer, so that's a tad confusing. Either way, though their accent is nigh-incomprehensible sometimes, they're a wonderful and levelheaded officer and I'm happy to see them on the team.
I've only played a few Security rounds on 3 recently, but from what I've seen, Sally is an exemplary Security Officer and roleplayer in general. She's been proactive in helping to solve problems and keep the round going, and highly communicative on the radio. I think she'd make a great Head of Security.

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