Mc Guill Hos?
Usual character name: Marcus Mc Guill
BYOND username: Destrucnope
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Destrucnope

Goon servers you play: Rp Morty

Reason for application: I really love being a sec, because it let me be in the middle of the action, and being Hos would let me be even more involve, which can only be good. Furthermore, I learned how to be a fun sec, and I think I would make a good Hos, since I have a good understanding of the game and could help new officer to learn the basic, all while keeping the experience fun for the antagonist in RP. I understand how to balance being fair and being fun and I estimate that I would help make the station even nicer for everyone. 

Security experience :[b][font=Tahoma, sans-serif] At my start on the game, I was always in either science or robotic (I love science stuff), and interact almost never with sec, so I had no idea how to play them and as soon that the option was available, I tried them. Problem, even when I told that it was my first time as sec, (probably didnt saw my message) no one helped me. So I was kinda lost and my first round was horrible for me, since I had no idea how to do anything. That kinda stopped me from playing sec and I was having more fun trying the other role. But one day, I was changeling and had eaten a monke, and I got arrested for it. I had no idea how that could've happend, since I was pretty sure no one saw me. And thats when I learned there was a detective, that could scan print and find who they belong to. That blew my mind and made me play detective the next round. I started reading on the wiki about the det and all of his stuff, and about the antagonist. I played det for a few round, and started playing sec again, with fun this time. Thats how I discovered the security in all of its glory, with his numerous antagonist to fight and seemingly endless amount of fun. I created a character for security, which soon became my main character for all of the job of the station: Marcus Mc Guill. Marcus Mc Guill is a friend of his fellow sec, but not with the one he think are his enemy. He like to stay by the book, but dont mind closing his eyes in certain case. When I play Mc Guill, I always try to be fair while being a real treat to the antagonist, even if I'm not robust. I think I managed to do this, even tho for a long time I'll admit I was what we could call a shit sec. I think I am now a very acceptable sec and I hope the rest of the community agree with me.

What advice would you give to other sec players? :[/font]

I have 3 advise:
1:Act dumb. In RP, the more interaction you have with the antagonist, the more fun it is for everyone. So don’t execute the antagonist (unless they do a major crime (Bombing, Murder)) That is the smartest choice, yes, but the RP end right here and there which ruin the fun. Its fine to let the antagonist go one or two time and it help everyone to have fun. The other to act dumb is to not use too much of meta info. If you find cigarette on someone that never smoke and you know they’ve been blowing up part of the station, it’s probably trick cig, but you don’t know that so don’t use that information and instead just keep asking where the bombs are. Only be smart when the antag is really being destructive, that’s my rule.
2:Communicate. You are a security team, not the next John McClane. Every time you don’t communicate, the rest of the team is less likely to succeed to find whoever is blowing up med bay, or to catch the monster that is eating all the crewmate and turning them into thrall. Some of the communication you should do is obvious, like warning the team about a body you find, but some are less obvious, like telling the team you’re going on the patrol at the space dinner.
3.Have fun! I see too many officers being overly serious even when its not needed. By example if the clown made you slip on a banana peels, swirlie him! That’s not the most moral or professional way to do your job, but its more fun then to just ticket him. Its fine being not serious to a certain point and it make the round a little better.

What was one of your favorite security moments? It was one of my first round as cap, and I was in a revolutionary round. But not any revolutionary round: a clown revolutionary one! So, toward the end, I started gearing up with the few officer left at the armory, and then I announced my position to everyone on the station via radio, screaming how I was not scared of death, and I start to hear a thousand clown footstep coming straight at me, before a swarm of clown came in sec and started to rush us. We hold them for quite a while, before a few clowns managed to grab me and pull me into the clown crowd, where I got beat to death, before the revolution leader took my brain out and ate it, but the rest of the officer managed to make the rest of the clowns flee. The group of security officer keeping the clown army at a safe distance was amazing and I hope I’ll see this happen again in any way.

What game improvement or changes do you think would benefit security player: I think the sec department is missing more class, because our current option are : basic gun, smg, shotgun, wave gun and baton. All of those option are only offensive option, and that put a restrain on the diversity of being an sec. When ya see a sec, the only visible difference are his guns and that kinda remove half of the individualty of the sec. I think we should add more defensive option, like a better schield or maybe a supportive option, like a medical sec Hud.

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run? : I didn’t ran this one, but I really liked is when sec goes on a strike. Its very fun when, the hop change sec pay to 1 credit and now all of the officer stop doing their job, which make the station into a mess pretty fast, which make everyone into a small revolution, which usually end with the public execution of the Hop for betrayal of nanostraten. A sec revolution is always fun, and I love when it happen.
Previous bans:I was banned for griefing as clown (didn’t understood the rule) From May to October, I think. Didn’t understood how to appeal. During this time read a lot of the wiki and learned how to not be a bad player. Learned my lesson.
Sorry if I made any lexical/grammar error, I’m French (hon hon hon, baguette, oui oui)
I haven't played with you a whole lot admittedly but I can't really remember any moments where you've stood out. The first memory that comes to mind of you is shooting someone who was already down with Rubber Slugs multiple times over. They didn't seem to do much other than sit around in the bar and slip a few people with bananas, this was as a Bartender. I may misunderstand what was going on as I'm going off what I saw while playing. I'm trying to play more than I do currently so if I see you in Security and see more positive things from you I'll make a follow up reply.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of feedback and a general trend of minorly rule-breaking behavior, especially in regards to the RP rules. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be April 10, 2024. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep sec officering!

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