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Oxygen Fires
Pure oxygen (O2) is incredibly flammable, as such environments with an increased oxygen content should present a fire hazard. Less hazardous than a plasma fire, but you shouldn't be lighting up cigarettes near the pure O2 canisters or in a room recently re-pressurized with straight O2.

By extension, it would also make smoking or setting fires in the engineering, medbay or toxins incredibly ill advised as these places could potentially have a higher than normal oxygen ratio within them.

Linked are a pair of (relatively) informative videos regarding the hazards of oxygen fires.
To make a correction, oxygen isn't flammable. It's an oxidizer, which means that things that are flammable can ignite in the presence of it.

If you lit a Cigarette in a pure oxygen environment it would burn extremely quickly, maybe even violently, and it would be difficult to put out. However, it's not going to spread through the air or anything, because once the flammable material is spent there isn't anything left to burn
Alright I just had a great idea, pure O2 rooms will basically be traps for anyone with a lighter or something, and if they turn on a lighter or welder or something in the room then it explodes into a small fire-ball that engulfs the room for half a second, scorching everything. Maybe make some random event where the fired atmos techs release O2 into a few random rooms as either revenge or to try and get a reason to be hired again.
I think something more realistic would be that things just burn up immediately, like the candle that burns brighter burns twice as fast. Like in the 2nd video, the fire doesn't go up the pipe providing oxygen, the sugar and baking soda start to visibly burn when pure oxygen is added

So welding torches instantly start hurting your eyes the moment they ignite, cigarettes and other smokeables burn your hand or your face the moment they're lit and are dropped, lighters can actually catch people on FIRE instead of waving the flames in their face, and the matchbook just combusts upon a match being lit

Also, probably make people who are on-fire either burn hotter or just longer. Something extra to have when you flood the hallways with pure O2 and plasma.
It doesn't have to be too realistic.
We already mix oxygen for bigger explosive burns with flame throwers and engines...

BUT.... I think this is just unnessarcy extra realism for realism sake.
..I mean we can eat carrots to cure blindness, I don't think we necessarily need this level of realism
We got an oxidizer-depending scaling of fire temperature on atmostfires(plasma or farts) already. I don't think it would be too bad to add to chemical fires as well, but object based fires are another can of worms.

Fires and burning materials are code-wise a bit of a mess. Maybe once they were more univerlized (like that one PR that adds a new system for chemical fires) we could look at expanding the interaction with different oxidyzing agents.

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