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Clown Applickation
Usual Clown name: HONKONKERS
BYOND username: The_Kakapo
Recommended by (if applicable):
Goon servers you play: usually Goonstation 3 Roleplay

Clowning Experience:
Answer one or more of the following:
 ? What advice would you give to other Clowns?
Remember to be funny, whether it is by throwing a pie in someones face, or by throwing a balloon filled with piss on them

 ? What was one of your favorite Clown moments? (Either playing as a Clown or interacting with one)
Shift starts, i wake up as clown in the Asylum. a shuttle containing the AI crashes into the asylum as well. i greet them: "Hello!". they greet me back! once i get to the AI, i start talking to it like its a friend, and they were! i make balloon animals and write with crayons to amuse them. they are amused. i throw a pie in their face because funny! they are sticky now, and do not like it. i order the ai to unscrew the core. i unscrew the core and play with the ai! we play games like stationfinder! i thought the ai needed to  shower, because it was stinky. the ai tells me that they will die when put into water, and that it is not a good idea. they are unable to do anything back, and i put them in the shower, cleaning them, while also making them wet and making them break a little. i leave for a second and when i come back i hear them screaming! there suddenly are two shower heads attached to their core, making it EVEN MORE WET. i turned them off in time, phew! i continue to play with them, until suddenly when we are in the arcade, all magically, a ballpit appears... out of nothing! due to my funny brain, i play with the ai in the ballpit, and oh we had so much fun! we get bored and get out of the ballpit. feeling a bit uneasy, the lights SUDDENLY ALL TURNED OFF. the door on the west opens, and a strange scary creature with 4 legs and a head runs in. i only saw a glimpse of it, since it ran into the darkness. i was scared as fuck. the lights turned back on and we started to search the asylum. there was no sign of the creature. while in the bedrooms, the lights turn back off. scared, i run with the ai into a room, using the core as a natural shield against the monster. i couldnt see any monster though. the ai gets scared and calls security. security arrives, and the ai and i scream "RUN!". since we are scared that the monster might get us, and the security team. security takes me to medbay, to get me healed up. i rush back to the asylum on the shuttle, able to go back due to a window that security broke. the ai is gone, and there is one officer left. me and the officer try to find the ai in the asylum, but find green bloody footsteps. it was the monster's. they lead to the asylum shuttle... the officer and i knew immediatly that the monster must have escaped to the station. "OH FUCK". we hear people screaming on the radio and the ai is acting funny, almost scary. the officer and i return to station after making that horrible discovery and try to find the ai, which apperently has turned into a monster. after searching for a bit we find puddles of water. the shower heads on the ai core were on, leaving a trail. i follow them eventually going into a maintenance tunnel, close to genetics. someone walks in... to my surprise, it was me walking in. literally me, walked into the maintenance tunnel, where i already was. we greet and talk for a bit. i hear screams. the ai is outside of the window in the hallways! it has 4 legs now, and there are legs and shower heads stuck to it! i ask the ai to come in, and they come in. i beg them to stop hurting people. "AI STOP, REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES? I AM YOUR FRIEND!! LISTEN TO ME. REMEMBER THE GAME? THE BALLPIT? THE PIE?" they do not listen. the water from the shower heads was drowning me. the ai craved my legs. it did not seem like it remember the good times. the ai was a monster, and it took my legs. i talked to me again, and me left. the same officer who helped me find the ai gets me a wheelchair, so i can move again. i found me again, telling me to seek revenge. me wanted me to take revenge on a dear friend! i refused at first but since it was me, i accepted. when i found the ai again in robotics, they craved people. they absorbed me and some other people. we fight back from inside, trying to kill it. i did not want to kill the ai, as it was a dear friend of mine! one which i had good memories with. after a bit of fighting, we destroy it, and i suddenly am blind. because it took my body, i was now blind, and leggless without a wheelchair, and without a friend. i find me again. suddenly the officer came back! they brought me a new wheelchair! i realised that the officer was also a good friend of mine. i found me again. i was in a wheelchair, blind with no legs, with bandages all over my body. me congratulating me, for never stopping, not even in the darkest of times. after that, me left, for good. there went another friend of mine. luckily, my friend the officer brought me VISOR goggles! i could see again! i cannot remember what happened after, but i died. they brought my lifeless body to the shuttle, which arrived closely after me left. nothing but darkness, only darkness. a huge flash of light! "III AMMM AAAAALLLIIIVVEEE!!!". They tried to bring me back to life, ON THE SHUTTLE!! using strange reagent, they somehow revived me! i did not expect to be alive at the end of the round.

That was probably my favourite round ever, and made me love the admins even more! such a great gimmick!

Answer one or more of the following fun questions:
 ? Suggest a new clowning tool or gadget (i.e. bike horn, canned laughter)
Lubenana's: using the power of banana peels and lube, you can make a new clowning tool, the lubenana! It will make anyone slip as far as possible, even crashing through doors and windows using the pure force of comedy. when the poor victim reaches a wall, they will get severe brain damage from hitting their head, and they will recieve a great amount of damage.

 ? What's a prank or gimmick that you've always wanted to pull off?
i usually imrpovise on my gimmicks! usually its based on the map and other events that happen close to roundstart.

 ? Draw a picture!

[Image: 9j244pr]

i dont know why the image isnt showing

that should be the link to the image

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