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Encourage Traitor Teams? (new syndie item)
Don't get me wrong, traitor rounds are fun as is. But it's a huge bummer how traitors have very little ways to know who is actually a traitor. I feel like it would be more fun to encourage traitors to work together, since they work for the same company.

But the methods to orchestrate such teamwork is super little, with only two "viable" methods. The first being through syndicate cyborgs, which are locked to only roboticists and the listening post, which is a huge if considering that traitors may want to keep hush hush about their identity for obvious reasons.

Perhaps I can suggest a new item to solve this problem, the syndicate scanner. When used up, it adds the names of fellow syndicate operatives (notice, not other unaffiliated antagonists such as wizards wws etc) to the traitor's memory. The item is one-use only and is removed, to prevent others to get their hands on it, and if a non-syndicate uses this item, it would just simply not work, as to allow the secrets of the round to be preserved.

For its nature, I believe four traitor credits will be a fair price, not too expensive in case the other operative is uncooperative, but not too cheap to ensure the operatives will not get too many overpowered items with the remaining credits. 

I like the way tg(?) implemented this in that traitors all started with a couple code words and responses to those code words that could be subtly worked into conversation in order to allow mutual identification. My concern with your suggestion is that it doesn't allow a traitor to purposefully avoid identification by other traitors, which is important because there's actually an objective traitors can get to kill all the other traitors.
Cooperation between antags should be voluntary.

Sure, plotting evil plans together is a lot more fun than doing it alone. And can make things possible that can't be done alone.
So, it should be encouraged.

But at the same time, it might also be fun to betray the other antags.
Or rat them out to security. It may make things boring, but that is something the antagonists have to decide for each other.
Code words sounds awesome honestly, I like that and it's probably the best way to implement this. Would love to see that added, especially since my other ideas for such a system weren't so great lmao
Use to be traitors could see other traitors if they wore sunglasses. Maybe make traitor sunglasses that if bought can show other traitors? Dunno if anyone will spend traitor bucks on it though
I think that generally with the exception of uncommon stuff (like syndie borgs), traitors should only be able to identify each other through mutual interaction. Having a list of traitors seems like its inviting people to buy it every traitor round they get just so they can kill other traitors before they start on their rampage. That being said, I think a note giving the identity of a different traitor could be fun in surplus crates.
meh i like having to be risky to find other traitors, traitors teaming up is insanely powerful
(10-30-2023, 08:56 PM)Cal Wrote: meh i like having to be risky to find other traitors, traitors teaming up is insanely powerful

Pretty much this. Traitors and even spy thieves working together is very powerful.
Traitors are just 10 times more powerful.... this item should drain atleast HALF their credits at max so they can combined only have enough to equip 1 traitor.
And if you don't find one.. too bad.. so sad.

Also there is a certain fun element if traitors fight eachother too.
Traitor A: Wants to destroy the station
Traitor B: Wants to take over the station.

They don't mix and end up in a fight against eachother...

It is said that it's best not to have traitors try to find eachother out.. since a very robust traitor would hunt them down and take their stuff for their own gain.
I'm definitely on board with the code word suggestion that's been floated around on this thread. it makes for some fun situations while trying to work the word into conversation, while also having that potential of exposing yourself to someone who isn't a traitor. which is also fun.

as for the item suggested, while I don't think the pricing is bad I just think its too straightforward of a method. traitor teamwork is awesome, and I always love doing it. but I also like the mystery and risk involved in trying to identify a fellow syndie.

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