Kregle's Mentor Application
Usual character name: Gregory Roachenson
BYOND username: Kregle
Discord username (if you are on our discord): kregler0318
Recommended by (if applicable): No one :(
Goon servers you play: Exclusively Goon 3 so far

Reason for application:

From the first time I even heard of SS13 through the wild and wacky world of YouTube to actually playing the game for the first time around the beginning of this year, I've had absolute blast with the game, but even more so the community. Without the lovely ladies and gents that inhabit the station in the cold depths of the ocean or void of space, the hijinks that actually make this clunky and archaic game fun simply wouldn't be. 

From the beginning, the community has always been great to me, guiding me through the early stages of play when I kept forgetting I was meant to be roleplaying, to those now unbelievably fewer times that I don't know what I've been doing, there's literally always been someone there who's been happy to lend me a hand (apart from that one time I got stuck behind my own trash cart in maints 'cause I didn't know about scooching). Even my real life work friends on the few occasions I've managed to convince to give the game a try have loved the community. 

Honestly everyone I've meant has been willing to lend a hand, mentor or not, and honestly I frickin' love that and would like to pay it forward. :)



Ahhh the civilian department, what memories it brings back. The first job I actually played was NOT staff assistant, instead it was janitor! Honestly, I think janitor is probably a better start for new players. It's a job that has a clear role on the ship, very simple mechanics that allow you to get familiar with the basic mechanics of the game, while also allowing you to walk about the station and see the wacky hijinks of the veteran players and the inevitable messes they leave behind. Janitor was a jolly bloody time for me, and is the No. 1 job I'd recommend for new players. Next is botanist, the job I played once I was confident with janitor. Once again, its a fairly simple job mechanics wise, but tackling setting up the positioning of the trays/UV Lamp/Mister, bees, splicing/mutating/enhancing seeds, or even just making the station look nice with wacky plant pots in the halls is a lot of fun, and one that I'd like to say I have quite a handle on. Bartender was my intro to chem science, which is good because its a lot less dangerous (most of the time). The ingredients are fairly simple, looking for the secret drinks is fun (if a little tedious for some), and the interaction with other players is immense. Bartender was a great way for me to start working on my roleplay, and certainly not a job I wouldn't mind helping new players in.


Engineering is honestly one of my favorite departments, though that really depends on the shift. I of course started playing engineering (drumroll please) through the engineer job, which unlike the past few jobs I've talked about, have so much diversity in activities that some of them could count for jobs of their own. Patching up breaches, reverse-engineering machines, repairing scorched floors/broken mirrors and expanding departments are my bread and butter when it comes to engineering. The absolutely ridiculous amount of shit you can do with some steel plates and your tool belt as an engineer is amazing, if not a tad bit overwhelming when I started, but working around the needs of the station and the guidance of other more experienced engineers let me get a bloody good handle on it! Oh, and those generator things, I know how to get 'em up and running for the most part. Mining is mining and I absolutely love it. Use custom tools (hammers gang), mine bohrum and cerenkite first if you can, never bring in nanite asteroids unless you're ready to die and have the station go byebye, and pods are fricking cool. Its simple and I love it, and most of all I love my dwafy comrades.


Science, oh science, what a beauty and curse you are. Scientist is a job I still play from time to time, and I still have my notes written down on what xray scan means what in the artlab, the steps to a few secret chems I discovered in the chemlab and absolutely no understanding of toxins/telesci cause I ain't a nerd. I've gone through the manic mad scientist stage to the helpful medical scientist to the manic mad scientist to the helpful medical scientist over and over, and what a joy its been. I still remember the time I discovered saxitoxin when I mixed two beakers outside of a dispenser and flooded the whole chemlab with saxi. Luckily no one else was there, because it was quite embarrassing... but oh lord do I wish someone was there to see the glee in my eyes.


The inevitable saviours of the station, the medical department! Geneticist was my intro to the medical world, and it was a pretty wacky one at that. I remember the first time I loaded in, grabbed a monkey and immediately got my ass beat because I didn't put a blindfold on the bugger. A mistake I never made again. Genes is a simple job to play. Do the little puzzle, activate, reclaim, research, sell. Simple. Easy. Lovely. Roboticist was the one I have far more experience in however, even though I haven't hopped in the job in quite a while. The job is fairly easy, take the requests from the AI and borgs, give them a lil oiling, send 'em on their way. Occasionly you got the fellas who don't want the typical screen, light, and treads combo and I gotta assemble the heavy borgo stuff which changes things up, and I love it. Surgery is great, who doesn't love chopping people up? Especially chopping off their butts and making buttbots. Hell yeah.


The borgs and AI, either your best friend or worst enemy. I absolutely love playing borg. The little sibling bond all silicon have, the absolute freedom/obedience of the laws, the intense versatility and limitations. I think the limits of the borgs are what make them the greatest to play, because honestly having to be dependent sometimes is great for RP, at least for me. AI was sometimes even better! The particular little gimick I loved to play was that of the "Dungeon Master", which is exactly what it sounds like. Essentially I made people roll for little things when they asked me to do things over the radio (of course the DC was also incredibly low unless I couldn't do it), speaking for other humans when they succeeded a charisma throw, having borgs/my shell be NPCs for the "heroes" to interact with. Was a great bit of fun. Oh, and there's all that stuff of the mechanics of AI, which I ofc ourse know!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None!
Very friendly and welcoming! I don't think I've ever had a negative experience with Gregory ~ever~. I don't know how much they've taught others as I don't often play in the same department as Gregory, but still a very solid +1 from me.
Bit of an update here! Been delving quite a bit into the worlds of sec and medical! Can say I'm pretty confident in medical, from the ol' surgery table to the chemical cocktails needed for puricloning! It's been quite a bit of fun!

Also! Thanks Juno! Love Arcas and is always great to see them, so great to hear ya feel the same 'bout Greg!
We appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of community response. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 23rd January 2024

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