Feedback Unknown, Discord, 9AM BST 19/10/2023 + Multiple other interactions
Admin: Unknown + Any of the Admin team I've interacted with.
Server: Isolated interaction in Discord. Multiple other interactions on Roleplay: Morty and Discord.
Date + time: Isolated interaction at 9AM BST, 19/10/2023 (D/M/Y). Multiple others across a good few months.

Synopsis: So, this mentions one exact interaction and then the general interactions I've had with the admin team on Goonstation. Today at the listed time, I reported and then later got a response for a concern I had, the response I got was nice and simple, also providing a 'reference' to use for other events, if that makes sense? Something along the lines of: "Generally, x isn't good because y" which I really appreciate! It's also nice to know/get the idea that if x was fine, that I'd be told plain and simply why.

And, moving on to more general interactions. The people on the team I've interacted with has generally been kind, responsive and active, which is something I do really appreciate, some people have the perception of 'admins scary' and this type of stuff really helps with it, people are still people and all that. I haven't interacted with everyone on the team, but I'm fully confident that everyone else is the same level of pleasant. So, thanks for all the times you've all been around in the discord or looking into issues!

Logs: N/A
Extra information: N/A
Hey, thanks for the feedback! For reference, as I'm aware that replies to Discord reports are not tied to a specific admin, the called-out above response was from me.

We try not to be (collectively) scary, please do keep highlighting anything that makes you uncomfortable and we'll keep trying to address it.
Nothing the team has done has made me uncomfortable, just in case it wasn't clear: when I said 'helps with it' I meant, like, lessens that perception? Does that make sense? Basically: interacting is nice! It's nice to see anyone around, regardless of rank, just, when it's an Admin, it helps make things feel less isolated, and more like a general community, which I imagine everyone already knew, it's nice to see it, and just as nice to say it, and I appreciate how I've been able to join this amazing mess of a game and feel welcomed pretty much the entire year I've spent playing.
I could also chip in -
from a few questions / non-urgent reports I'veĀ  I've lodged via MedAss on discord - knowing the name of the admin we're getting feedback from would be nice, so we can thank them properly / credit them!
I've had only good interactions when doing so, and I don't even know which admin I should be appreciating!

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