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The Fight for the Wrestle Belt
One bit of a very eventful antag round I just had

I spawn in as QM traitor. Just as I'm deciding what to do, the other QM mind hacks me. They end up giving me the rest of their TC, opting to do a hardmode traitor thing. I disappear off to buy gear, I get Spes-12 + wrestle belt. 

Immediately get beepskied.

After a skirmish with sec, much running back and forth through sec scanners, and converting to a feather based religion, I dress up in a speedo and wrestle mask, and go to kidnap Stir-stir.

Turns out brig is full of CO2.

As I'm unconscious on the floor, sec comes and takes my belt, before passing out as well. We're saved, and I'm locked up in the interrogation chamber. Given a chance to earn back my belt, I opt for trial by combat.

A brave warrior by the name of Bimson Boneus the Pickle decides to battle it out. Winner gets the belt.

I ask the courageous pickle, "Anything goes, yeah?"

He eloquently responds, "Uh sure"

The Secoff counts us down.





[Image: q6lxunt.png]

[Image: nXSFUIV.png]

The Secoff hid from me until I left. They did give me the belt though.

It was a really action packed round, and way more fun stuff happened, but this was definitely the highlight.

Pictures stolen from Dr. Romayne

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