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I am a new player!(Introduction about my self)
Hello Goon people! you can call me Osump i was introduced to ss13 by someone named nurse playing goon and did research to find this game it looks very promising, i will be also attempting to draw fan arts since i saw funny moments in some videos so stick out to find out(i dont know where to post said art though ;-wink
I like to try to be funny but my jokes are bad :/. And currently im majoring CS and trying to 2 langauges so ye big grin, i like to play games which were minecraft, tf2, unturned, gmod/Garrys Mod. Finally my hobies are to learn pixel art/2D art and recently im learning Unity(game dev) and am interested to try to make something similar to ss13 but dont know where to start ;-;.

Edit: I tried to post one of my art of a cool knife but i dont know how ;-;.
please go away, soulsruined. you will not be unbanned
hello captainbravo
edit: so hows everyone?
Welcome to the server♡
(10-17-2023, 09:27 AM)Silent Majority Wrote: Welcome to the server♡

well i wish i can say that to my self but im not i guess ?
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Locking this thread.

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