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Usual Clown name: Dazzle the Jester
BYOND username: Newyearnewme
Recommended by (if applicable): Me (the most important one needed)
Goon servers you play: Heisenbee

Clowning Experience:
Answer one or more of the following:
 ? What advice would you give to other Clowns?
Have fun with the role and always switch it up! Doing the same thing over and over gets boring, always innovate!
 ? What was one of your favorite Clown moments? (Either playing as a Clown or interacting with one)
I was cornered by Normal Human who was a traitor. They had a katana so my survival chances depended on slipping them with a banana peel. The peel I meant to slip them when they charged me instead slipped me into the corner where I was quickly turned into a jester charcuterie.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions:
 ? Suggest a new clowning tool or gadget (i.e. bike horn, canned laughter)
A rake people can step on to hit themselves in the face.

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