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[MERGED PR] Choking prevents the inhalation of smoke or smoking reactions
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About the PR

This PR prevents inhaling smoked chemicals while losebreath is higher than 0. This means smoke won't be inhaled when you cannot breath due to choking from chems/strangulation.
It applies to reactions that makes you inhale without a gas mask, like meth, as well.

Keep in mind this does not apply to asphixiation due to spaced enviroment.

Why's this needed?

It kinda makes no sense that you are to breath in smoke while actively choking and struggling to breath. This mostly affects chemicals which makes you struggling to breath e.g. cyanide. Also, this makes dying people in smoke not continue to suck of chemicals out of the smoke.

This will make perfluorodecalin able to make you walk through non-skinpen smoke without problems, but since gas masks are fairly aquireable, this shouldn't be much of a problem. It enables perfluorodecalin to be an emergency tool for sudden smoking, though.

This PR enables additional mechanics and design space, like improving what stuff like what #15908 tries to achieve.


(+)Choking makes you unable to breath in chemsmoke.


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