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[MERGED PR] Reworks chest organ surgery
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About the PR
Reworks organ surgery in it's entirety and makes it behave in the following way. This does not affect head surgery or limb surgery in any way.

When operating on a subject, begin with a cutting tool, then a snipping tool. This will open the chest cavity. Clicking on a patient with an open chest cavity while holding a cutting tool, snipping tool, sawing tool or an empty hand will display the following interaction wheel:

[Image: b6073eec-a874-49d0-92d3-d49621b7936c]

Clicking on one of the organ icons will then prompt a list of required steps to proceed with the surgery, similarly to deconstructing a device, depicted here:

[Image: 78ca67ea-d063-416d-948c-1500bd925f94]

To remove a heart or lungs, the surgeon must first use a saw on an opened up patient which prompts a 4 second action bar (2 second with medical training). They may then access the heart and lungs.

[Image: 0f593a96-45d7-4836-8bc8-d3c63fc78623]

Organs may also be ripped out with an open hand. This begins a 10 second action bar which does continuous moderate damage to the patient and the organ. On completion, this does a chunk more damage and puts the organ in the surgeon's hand.

Implant and parasite removal surgery is now redone and requires opening up a patient. If an implant or parasite is inside someone, a context action bubble will appear alongside the other organ choices.

Chest item surgery is redone. To put an item inside someone, open them up with the usual knife -> scissors steps, then click drag any item to the patient. If the surgeon is holding a suture at the moment of the click drag, the item is automatically sewn in. It may also be sewn in afterwards with a suture on grab intent.
To remove a chest item, you must open up the patient and a context action bubble will appear alongside the other organ choices.

[Image: 082380d7-a200-4f02-a7e1-e7d5b2ada00c]

Operating on disarm intent will now always cause an intentional slipup.

Operating on harm intent will now always attack the patient.

Butt/Tail surgery is now done with scalpel -> saw -> scalpel -> saw on grab intent on the patient. The surgeon may pick to remove either the tail or the butt.

Hemostats have been reworked. You may now use an hemostat on someone in surgery conditions. If they are bleeding, the hemostat cures it. If their chest is open, the patient's blood vessels are clamped. A patient with an open chest wound and un-campled blood vessels will bleed heavily forever until the use of a hemostat or until the wound is sutured.

- [x] Rewrite relevant parts in the surgery handbook
- [x] Finish up suturing
- [x] Finish up cauterizing
- [x] Cleanliness

As an alternative to the multiple steps surgery, action bars may instead possibly be used as depicted here:

[Image: fda75cf0-413d-4419-abd0-e32d90534fcb]

Feedback would be greatly valued.

Why's this needed?
This PR aims to provide better visual feedback, streamline the surgery process and fix the following "issues":

- In order to remove an organ, a series of complex tool usage was needed in a particular order. A single misstep meant suturing up the patient and starting over. By streamlining the process of opening up a patient and providing clear feedback of what organ is targeted, surgery shouldn't require the wiki open to remove specific organs.

- Once an organ was removed, the surgeon had to suture up the patient before removing another which made little sense. This PR allows multiple organs to be removed in succession without having to re-suture between every step.

- Bundles up tail and butt surgery together as neither should require an open chest to be removed and provides better visual feedback

- If a patient needed any surgery and they had an implant, the surgeon had to remove every single implant in order to access the organs, then put them back in. This PR offers the option to remove the implants at will and remove the hurdle.

- Offering a way to mess up the surgery on purpose and rip out an organ by hand provides antagonists with a few fun ways to cause more chaos.

- Patients can currently walk around with a gaping chest wound with no consequences. Slowly bleeding out while their wound is un-tended or un-clamped should provide for an interesting alternative


(*)Organ surgery is now redone! Instructions are found in the surgery handbook. For more details click on the PR number in the top right!

Seems fantastic. Fully for this.
This does simplify the process of surgery and make it significantly easier to learn and do. These are, in my opinion, good! One wonders, however, if trivialising the process to this extent might be too much of an overcorrection; but I don't personally think so.
This is something I considered in the past as well. Having to memorize which tool to use to get to the right organ has always been a subpar system. But it was the solution to path routing without trivializing how you perform surgery by just making a popup box that you select which organ you wanna remove and then holds your hand down the path.

I'd want to meet in the middle. Remove the initial radial menu on surgery start that shows every organ that can be selected. Instead, have it let you target regions of the body:
- Ribs(and organs inside them),
- Subcostal(below ribs, right or left for liver, spleen, pancreas),
- Abdomen/navel(intestines/stomach),
- Flanks, left or right(kidneys)

Then take it from there with zero-ing in on an organ with the "ideal" surgery tool.

If the popup part of this was implemented as-is, I'd see it as an attachment to the surgery computer or medical training instead of everywhere. Since it's more like a tool to teach you than a new system.

The other parts of this do sound like they will solve a lot of issues like the implants, suturing and pathing. Which is sorely needed and am glad to see addressed.
I'm interested in your suggestion. What kind of menu you like to see that lets you pick from the different body regions? A radial menu? Then when performing a click on the region you proceed with organ removing depending on the specific tool you used to click on the box? That could make it a little less obvious and require a bit of memorizing but not to the point we have now which is good.

Also, how would you handle left/right organs? I'm not a fan of requiring the tools to be in the corresponding hand to target them, and my current implementation allows pinpoint targetting. If you instead target a zone, i'm curious how it could be done.
A radial menu for targetting zones would be fine. Or like a single popup with a body that has sections separated like in those meat cut diagrams:

[Image: t2ikh68_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]

So you wouldn't need to do the "left/right handed" surgery to select sides, that's always been whacky..

The main thing I want to preserve though is that there be a window for skill expression in surgery, that's what makes it engaging despite the terrible UX that is memorizing which order to hit someone with items.

My other old idea for a surgery rework (which I just remembered), if you want to keep the select your target organ at the outset idea. Would essentially be DDR in an action bar. Where it would indicate that you need to be holding (or hit them with) a specific surgery tool and you have maybe 2 or 3 seconds to hit them or be holding it to progress to the next step:

If you hit em before it ends, you can progress faster,
If you're holding the item in your active hand at the end, but haven't clicked, it automatically progresses to the next step.. 
And if you fail, you do either an existing surgery misstep or some blood spurts out of the patient, etc.
My suggestion is

Once a region surgery began per Kyle's suggestion, make using a retractor be a 4 second action bar(8 if not trained) as an optional step.

Once the retractor is in you could do speedier and safer multiple surgeries on site. If its not you have the slower. Clumsier methode.

If the retractor is not removed, wound could not be sewerd up with a chance of the organs falling out moving around since you have a huge surgical incision forced open.

It could allow for alot less cut cut stich cut cut stitch and a novel form of torture tool! A win win.
I think this is fantastic. I never liked the old approach, frankly. This is an improvement in every single aspect.
I could see it working like this

Target a part of the body
Depending on which tool you use and what part of the body you're targeting, you'll get a different menu
So something like targeting the chest with the scalpel opens the radial menu the chest, but maybe the options that require the chest to be sawed open are greyed out
The next tool is used, the saw. Now options on the radial menu change appearance to indicate it's a new state of being able to be interacted with.

So it doesn't necessarily give you the next step, it just indicates that another thing has to happen.
Maybe color code it so it changes from green, orange, yellow and red to match the intent needed?

[Image: fnj2OoI.png]

Condition: FUBAR

[Image: 14L6Vhb.png]
Is off-hand hemostat usage accounted for anywhere, or only active use?
I have removed the automatic usage of the hemostat, it now only works on active use to clamp someone's wounds. This change was to require a more conscious action from the surgeon. I can however easily change it back so that doing surgery while holding the hemostat will immediatly cure bleeding and clamp someone's chest wound.
I would personally be opposed to removing that functionality from the hemostat, it'd punish those with high latency if every single incision needed to be followed up immediately.
I would personally like the Hemostat to be something you actively have to use. I never liked it just being a thing you hold while doing surgery. So I would prefer it to have a place within the actual surgery. (like how its presented)
I think just holding it is fine and the latency thing is a good point
Crossposting from the github since not everyone checks there:

Upon opening up a patient, you are now prompted with four "regions". To open up those regions, you must use different tools. Once a region is opened up, you may freely examine and take out the organs in that specific region. Suturing up a patient closes that region, which means that to get access to the patient's organs again you have to re-open that specific region.

Here is an example of the current way things work (not fully finished and icons are placeholders):

[Image: 265278547-f42a2086-ea05-48e3-8cae-b33a57e721ed.gif]

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