Feedback The Administration Team's Reasonability (Positive Feedback)
Sorry for the title.

I wanted to take the time to, for a moment, address the administration team publicly.

I know I'm no major lynchpin of the community. I'm nothing special, my only contribution is social responsibility which, again, I also needed said social group to help me form this properly, but.

I wanted to comment on a recent interaction.

I voiced privately, a personal concern, about a very minor issue but one that was serious to me, because I knew context. The speed and response of the admins and the seriousness and gravitas my simple feedback was treated with amazed.

I have further had many interactions and instances both observed and experienced of a similar nature.

When it comes to serious things, when it comes to personal or emotional or spiritual concerns, on fairness and equality and such matters?

I just wished to express my open and sincerest admiration and appreciation for the swiftness, care, and seriousness that the team exhibits in mobilizing against such matters.

You're all wonderful for this singular fact alone, that this is a core tenant that is shared amongst all of you. The reditors may snarl of care bears? But, I would rather be a care bear then other flavors on offer.

Thats all. Again. Thank you for never ceasing to impress me. I know like, ya'll don't have to and you're not setting out to and I don't mean shit but still, little moments like these are what always remind me of why I am happy to be here.

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