Head of Security Application // Anderson Sheet //
Usual character name: Anderson Sheet
BYOND username: AndroidSheet12
Discord username (if you are on our discord): AndroidSheet#3434
Recommended by (if applicable): The Specimen 
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 1 

Reason for application: 

During my time as secoff I have been trying to improve my skills and knowledge regarding the mechanics of the game, learn about the culture of a security member, and be able to depend only on my skills to help others during the round, I think that the potential for round security to have a large-scale impact on the game is underrated, and relies on capable and competent officers to keep the round consistently level, which is why I want to be involved in the lead, learning, and coordination of a security team capable of bringing order but at the same time a fair deal that allows the fun of the round to flow.

Security experience (300 word minimum):   gon get shot watch out

Since I started in this game, the security role is the one that has given me the most intrigue and fun, in addition to having provided me with all the current knowledge I have from the game, since the role itself forces you to obtain all the knowledge of the game, the types of weapons, chemicals, heals, forms of stun, movement and effects the different strategies that the antagonists use during the round. My experience as a secoff is made up of failures, deaths, and victories, I have learned all the types of antagonists, their abilities and potential mechanics as well as the types of tools they use to deal with the security team, how to subdue a person without dealing any type of damage or how long they should be imprisoned before being executed if the situation does not require it, which person should be arrested for their crimes or how to help someone in a dangerous situation, intuit who is the one who really is committing a crime or is harming a member of the station, using different ways to locate a suspect, either through fingerprints or through AI, maintaining a level of order between antagonists and the crew. All this type of knowledge is what I believe brings the greatest potential to a secoff that seeks the level of competence that the crew deserves. When joining a round I try to look for the safety of my teammates, a lone security member has a potential risk much larger and therefore will not be completely effective when helping the station and will have to rely on somewhat more aggressive methods, I maintain a fairly active level of communication to be aware of the different threats present and prepare to deal with this if necessary, on many occasions it is not necessary at all to have to catch an antagonist just for being one unless it is a blob or a nukie that in any case will be treated differently than a common antagonist, I am attentive to the requests from my superiors and the needs of the crew as well as following the orders that benefit the well-being of the station, as secoff I always have my tools for good use and not become a tyrant who only abuses them for his amusement own. Finally, I try to help any security member new to the game who is looking to have fun and meet the needs of the station, whether it is teaching them how to get their tools, what to do when arresting a suspect, what to put in the contraband box and what should be confiscated, as well as when a certain type of force should be used or how an antagonist should be dealt with.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
A common mistake of early secoffs is that they often falter when exposed to high-action situations, whether it's someone in the security wing trying to wipe out the remaining team or a vampire dragging a staffie into maints they should always be active and be quick to help someone who is in danger, likewise, know when to withdraw when you are alone and cannot do anything else, regrouping is always a good option and there are ways to recover a fallen teammate. (cloning, disk, clone scanned, etc.) Apart from your usual equipment take something else with you, tools, something to heal yourself, or stun grenades as flashbangs for large groups of suspects, (revs, nukes, etc...) Always be aware of your surroundings and the deterioration of your health, Are you starting to drool? Are you suddenly yawning? if these effects continue, you are probably poisoned!! run towards the nearest infirmary and make sure to use your crisis alarm and that no one follows you. Pay attention to the way someone moves and interacts, do they cover their face? Are they staying very close to you or trying to keep you still for a long time talking? that person you suspect, possibly just someone harmless, retire to an area where there are people or try to keep him close to sight. Always listen to the alerts of your colleagues and listen to the radio on the general channel that's where you will get your first jobs as a security member. Finally, to ensure the well-being of all the crew members you can become a doctor helping someone in critical condition or an engineer by repairing depressurized places.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
I have always wanted to play hide and seek in the station where the objective is to hide from the security team loaded with weapons that do instakill which little by little will leave fewer players eventually leaving a single winner, or not necessarily use lethal weapons if not something that disqualifies players when tagged or shot, like a special baton or something.
Currently neutral on this one it can change to a +1 but currently not there. You are good at being a secoff you are very good at combat my only issue is from what I've noticed if you're left to your own devices on how to deal with an antag without the HoS telling you what to do you have a tendency to completely render an antagonist useless by taking away too much of their gear not exclusive to contraband regardless of what their crime was and regardless of the roundtime. This is mainly an issue with human antagonists since they inherently just don't have anything by default. It's an easy fix just improve antagnoist handling and you have my +1.
I give a +1 to Anderson. A very consistent officer and responsive to calls and active on comms. Also a regular on the security team with lots of experience.
Anderson Sheet is robust and reliable. These are his strong points. He will respond to alerts and will be communicative on comms. This man's sense of justice is strong! While I still totally uphold my recommendation for him, I will underline a minor issue that I have noticed. To me personally, being HoS influences the round a lot, for better or worse. You have more things to keep track of, more gear, and more access. I think in this case it is necessary to know boundaries. While this may not be a problem for everyone, to me personally, I dislike your use of meth in order to up the odds against antagonists. If it is used once, I understand but I have seen you do it multiple times ( thankfully less now and I don't remember the last time you did ). Bar this flaw, Anderson will not disappoint.

+.75 to +1 if you rid yourself of pesky meth ! I know for a fact I can count on you when you're on my team otherwise.
I cant even begin to count the amount of times i've rolled sec alongside anderson and have gotten to play alongside him. That being said anderson is a great officer, being a lot more straightforward and no nonsense when dealing with antags which by no means is a bad thing. You did have a slightly bad habit of using meth for a time but I don't think I have seen you use it as of late. All in all you are a great officer anderson and it would be great to have you as an HoS. Big ol +1
Ok no longer neutral I've seen improvement so its a +1.
+1. You've been playing security for quite a while, and you're very capable, you respond quickly to comms/alerts, and you're attentive in round. Very knowledgeable and fair with brigging.

You are very serious as a player, which isn't exactly a bad thing. My only comment would be to just remember to have fun in game (not that you don't already), as well as for antagonists' sake, in terms of contraband taken. For traitors, it's very easy to shut them down by taking too much gear, related to what Rick said in his first comment, which I've gotten a sense of when playing with you sometimes. Varies by interpretation and situation though.
Okay, here's the thing with me. Currently -1.

Anderson is a great security officer, knows game mechanics well how to fight and deal with the many different types of antagonists.

My problem is that I feel as if he plays security in a manner that could be considered powergaming. From my experiences and observations as both an antagonist and fellow member of the security (det, secoff). I've seen Anderson treat antagonists harshly, either taking away all their gear or crippling them in some way or form that makes it easier for him to deal with the antagonist should they rise to power once again. Honestly, while this does put the station's well being and safety of the crewmembers first, which I do recognize and honor. It is rather unfun and crushing to be caught and completely have your game removed at 30 minutes. Once or twice I even outright tried everything to avoid Anderson out of fear of my antagonist game.

The problem is that you just... How do I put this? Never give a chance for the bad guy to win. It's fun to see the station go into shambles due to an antagonist, it's fun to die in both hilarious and annoying ways, it's what ss13 is about in my opinion, to die in space in the many different ways and lightheartedly have fun with fellow spacemen. But Anderson, significantly reduces the chance of the bad guy winning, such as a round I had where when he heard there were lings roaming the station, he rushed to fill a box full of smelling salts. Or another round where I barely got to the station after preparing to wresltebelt waynepage (rampage), yet after an unlucky encounter had everything taken away from me, leaving me to only struggle as I attempt to get my gear out of a contraband locker after being stripped of everything I had. It's not fun, ever.

If I, a particularly robust player am having problems with this, I cannot imagine the problems those of lower skill may be facing. A challenge as an antagonist is nice, but having your every trick and move absolutely demolished leaving little chance of victory is never fun. I worry for the less experienced playerbase who are only there for a good time or otherwise new. I fear the station will become dull due to Anderson's playstyle, of nullifying every antagonist to cause chaos, and this can extended to the medbay staff as well, with no injuries to heal. I fear this will teach and spread to newer or impressionable security officers as well, who look up to HoSes annd suddenly the station will be filled with individuals who snuff out every antagonist weakness, leaving a station of boredom and quietness. Suddenly antagonists won't be so fun, as it will be much harder to pull off a rampage due to main ways of killing people and gaining power nullified, for instance smelling salts ling. 

I guess to put all this into simple terms: Anderson prioritizes station well being and order, over fun. And I do not like that.
(09-20-2023, 11:06 AM)PowerfulXtian Wrote: Okay, here's the thing with me. Currently -1.

Sorry for the incredibly long post, it was not in my intentions to violate the HoS feedback guidelines. I don't know how to edit my posts, so I am making a follow-up. The first three paragraphs are what matter the most, the last three are just examples or specifications of my opinions.
The thing i like Anderson is that he treats antags fairly, with a reason, and not just because of the round timer,  AND still brigs the antagonist instead of killing them outright. Good officer, i like seeing him on my team when i'm HoS. Didnt see him stealing stuff from contraband so thats good as well.
I wouldn't say Anderson makes the round unfun. Punishing someone for crimes is a thing officers SHOULD do, and Anderson does it just fine: not too harsh and not overly lenient, at least in my opinion. People expect officers to be way too merciful with the punishments these days.
Getting smelling salts if its a ling round or holy water if its a vamp round and the vamp is a huge threat is completely fine with me, the only thing ive noticed is that you would sometimes rush meth, but as far as ive seen you no longer do that. As long as you continue to not rush stimulant chems, i am be happy to support the application.
Only bad thing: sometimes i see you trying to solo the antagonist instead of helping the team. Even though you are active on sec comms i suggest you help your team out more.
Blue drip is +
So far i see more positive things than negative ones, so im fine with Anderson being HoS. +1
After seeing Anderson work on quite a few rounds I can definitely say that he is very capable as a security officer.
Hes one of the finest security officers that classic has in recent times. He is very efficient at dealing with all kinds of antags and responds to security alerts and to radio requests.
I was hesitant at first to make a response to Andersons HoS application because when he first put it out there, there was issues with him using items like meth and other stims against antags. but throughout the time this applications been up Ive seen considerable positive change to this. This is why i feel far more obligated to make a response now because the change is really there. and its nice to see someone taking the criticism that people make and making the difference.
I Trust Andersons judgement on Antag punishment alot more then when he first put out this application as well as he is generally as of now making good decisions.

overall I would love to see Anderson sheet become a HoS player and be able to lead a security team.
I think Anderson is a good secoff who communicates well and is able to keep situations under control. Even when Anderson's solosec he is able to keep antags under control quite well and he's also robust.
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as an HoS. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 23rd January 2024

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