Sam(ooel) Raider for HOS Application!
Usual character name(s): Samooel Raider/Sam Raider/Hardcore Mode
Byond and Discord username: Solwra
Recommended by: No One
Goon servers I play: Classic 1

Reason for application:

I honestly did not see a day that I will be applying for Head of Security, felt like it never was a role I’d see myself being good at and starting off as shitcurity did not help that image. However, I think I’ve improved my conduct and subsequent experience by playing the role a lot more has made me reconsider that decision with hopes that I can guide new security players more confidently and bring more depth to rounds by giving more opportunities for everyone to interact with the Head of Security and make a positive influence on the rounds!

Security experience:

My security experience I would say is quite favorable, I personally enjoy being a security officer and for that it has become my go-to role for the majority of the time I play. I have a good grasp on how to use the majority of security equipment, from a simple flash and cuffs to using taser weapons and some of the armory equipment. I always try to follow the principle of “if you’re not using it don’t equip it”, this way I don’t lose my baton at a crucial moment to the clown. I understand the importance of communication and good team play. Security becomes much better when fully in sync with each other. Anything I find or do I will try to relay to the rest of the team and also will try to respond to any calls or information given to me by other security members.

I have a decent understanding on how to deal with criminals, from updating arrests on SecTech and informing the rest of the team about it, performing the arrest, stripping them of any contraband safely as well as setting the brig timer and keeping watch on the criminal till they leave security. 

I always try to be fair but just with people who are arrested, whenever they are an antagonist or not. If someone commits petty theft, it's better to detain them and simply get the item back from them if they refuse rather than giving them a long sentence or outright killing them. This in contrast to an antagonist that committed multiple homicides and is out to murder the rest of the crew, lethal force or a harsh sentence would be justified.

In terms of my experience as security against different threats, I think I have seen it all. From cleanbots to omnitraitors (yes, I fought an omnitraitor before) and I can say I am comfortable with handling most threats to a competent level. Overall, no situation is the same but it’s important to always identify what is the best course of action

Traitors and Spies: A mixed bag which all depends on what they get. I always make sure to watch out for people who are in areas they shouldn’t be and if there is a need for response, try to analyze any gathered evidence to know what I am up against.

Changelings and Vampires: These 2 non-human threats rely on the suffering of others to get their job done. They can be both very difficult to apprehend as a changeling can instantly remove your cuffs and a vampire can resist your stuns.

My usual procedure for changelings is to implant them with a tracking implant if they have not committed any major crimes but if their presence becomes a problem, I will often send them on a trip to space. If they come back or are a major threat, I will look to neutralize the threat permanently by cremating them. For vampires, muzzling them is a given if they’re a problem and can usually be neutralized through repeated stunning with flashes after they try to shake off previous stuns. Often a vampire will not go down without resisting till death, if they haven’t done anything bad I’d be inclined to use a coffin to revive them, however that depends entirely on a situation and if the rest of the security team is comfortable with it.

Nuclear Emergency: Nuclear emergency is a test of coordination and strength of both sides. My personal take on nuclear emergencies is to arm the crew by coordinating with the rest of security to authorize the armory. It is also important to be the Captain’s bodyguard, as a sneaky infiltrator or scout may try to nab the auth disk. Being cautious of friendly fire is important too, you and the rest of the crew members are a lot more squishier than a heavily armed swat team, so I always try to be careful with any weapons that can potentially cause trouble for both sides like flashbangs.

Revolutionaries: A bas la revolution! Revolution is all about quick thinking and coordination, my priority is to get all heads of staff to safety and ready for the impending crowd of angry assistants. After that I prioritize getting people implanted and ensuring that we can always get a surplus of implants when needed. Once all seems to go in our favor, weeding out any revolutionary heads with the help of a loyal crew is made easy!

Wraith: For some reason, wraiths don’t like to get salty. Anytime I see a wraith it’s important to inform medical staff to create salt piles across the floors to make it harder for the wraith to navigate and to ensure that all corpses are immediately disposed of or are treated with formaldehyde. If the wraith is becoming a huge problem, summoning dangerous critters or becoming ever more deadly, it is time to ghostbust it into our dimension by summoning it with a spirit candle and fighting it on a same level playing field.

Others: Be it an annoying clean bot, a hunter or another threat. My best take is to analyze the situation and to make sure you have appropriate backup if things go haywire (which tends to happen). I put trust into fellow security members to showcase me

What advice would you give to other security players?

To anyone starting out as security, you should always ask for help! I often see new security members roam around very clueless on what they are looking for and often find themselves dead early in the round. Security should work as a team, so when you’re in a pickle ask for advice or assistance and communicate with others.

Another trope I often hear from some players is that security is a very stressful role, but it doesn’t have to be! Punish antagonists creatively and in a way that both sides can have fun with, run gimmicks and show off your robustness in interesting ways! The sky is your limit!*

*I am not responsible for any security officers that decide to put their stun batons in pies and use it as a way to apprehend criminals or run gimmicks that can potentially end up in the officer’s death or cause injuries. Please contact your local Head of Security for any queries regarding the safety of your gimmick.

What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?

Have an ability for there to be some prisoners at round start in the brig for security to manage prisoners rather than just buggering off to nowhere. The prisoners could have random criminal offenses, just like the jailbird and their stuff could be in a cell locker so when they leave they can continue doing their assigned job (this means that the prisoner could be a trait rather than a roundstart role).

Another addition I’d really love to see the most is the ability for a security officer to specialize through loadout options! You could have an engineering loadout that could provide single-use RCD for emergencies with some simple tools or have a medical officer loadout that can provide quick on field treatment before handing them off to medbay. Perhaps have each security officer be given an assignment with their loadout to ensure safety of their chosen department.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.

As a sole security officer, my prioritization is mainly focused on the most dangerous threat at any minute. Being able to understand where you are needed and being very proactive during emergencies is very crucial to performing well at lone wolf scenarios and that making grave mistakes may cost you your life and others.

However, when there’s a full security team I like to take a step back and be a general assistance to others. Make sure that the disks are all and accounted for and that all pinpointers are clearly visible. Whenever an officer requires assistance I will often respond to assess the situation and help with whatever is needed. When there is not much to do I will occasionally pop into different departments to give some help when needed.

What’s a security gimmick that you’ve run or wanted to run?

Recently I’ve been running a stowaway pug officer gimmick under a character name “Hardcore Mode”, where I go through the entire process of leaving the room I’m trapped in and going to customs to get a new ID. This leaves a lot of people’s heads turning as it’s not everyday that a security officer pops out of a crate at the start of the shift to later try to come up with an excuse as to how they already lost their ID to the HOP. Sometimes you can’t get an ID and that just makes the job a lot more interesting.

One ambitious gimmick I’d like to run in the future is to have a secret service security team, all of security is assigned a VIP they must make sure that they keep safe, be it the Captain, a Head of Security or another Head of Department or even the Clown! It could be especially fun if they are assigned unknowingly a traitor as their VIP and see where that could take the round.

Previous Bans
2 bans on record with multiple warnings.
I think Sam needs little introduction. He's a competent officer with a sense of justice much akin to mine. He has not once failed to uphold a fair and balanced sentencing antags and non antags alike. A friendly player who doesn't shy away from doing things differently for the sake of fun, Which is the core of any game. But when push comes to shove he is by no means a push over. Sam has been both an excellent comrade as a fellow officer, and an outstand subordinate.

I can wholeheartedly agree that he definitely deserves to lead his own team of security. +1.
Having worked multitudes of shifts with Sam I can give my +1 for them. They’ve consistently proven themselves to be a fair officer and are communicative on radio. They response to situations quickly and effectively and work well alone and in teams. Furthermore, they are a fun officer to work with and play along with gimmicks well without overdoing it and failing to do their job. Additionally I’ve witnessed on multiple occasions Sam taking control and leading inexperienced or disorganized security teams. Big +1 from me
Yooooo it's that person who was a human and then they are a cow now. In all seriousness +1 not a whole lot to say than just good overall.
You are a great officer sam I have seen you go above and beyond a number of times. You are quick and effective when dealing with antags and most importantly to me you are a fun secoff to interact with and work with. big ol +1
Sam is competent and a face I like to see when I play as HoS. Knows the right level of being lenient  towards antagonist which is a good skill to have as playing sec. +1
I can totally see Sam as a excellent HoS. They are literally everything a HoS needs to be, Ive very rarely had a bad interaction with Sam. they are very good at security, both from a robust point of view and through the action they take. Your a real one Sam! +1
Solid security player who knows how to handle the situation no matter the severity. From what I have seen they know how to treat antags fairly and are capable of herding the unruly packs of staffies with ease. Easy +1
Ok as a security officer but I witnessed you recalling the shuttle to extend your own antag round when a lot of crew had died already. This behavior doesn't feel like something a hos should be participating in.

After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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