Bichael Chain's Mentor Application
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Usual character name: Bichael "Bike" Chain the human, or T.Y.R.A.N.T. the AI (unimaginative of me but it's too late now)
BYOND username: ChaoticTyrant
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Tyrant#1510
Recommended by (if applicable): pali, along with some regular players
Goon servers you play: Primarily Morty and Sylvester, but occasionally Classic too. [Image: bee.gif]

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):
I was introduced to this game by a couple of friends of mine, but I initially found it really hard to play and dropped it for a while, before returning and actually learning the keybinds and controls properly. Started playing it properly from over a year ago, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Since then, I've had a blast learning through the wiki and discord how to do various jobs, and learning about the insane complexity and detail put into this wonderful game. More recently I've been taking a shot at coding, too. To the point where I probably spend more time coding than playing these days (easier on the ol' laptop battery) but I still really love rp server gameplay.

I however didn't know about the mentor system until a lot later, having mostly self taught via the wiki and other players in game explaining how to do things. Which is fantastic, that people take time out of their days and rounds to help newcomers, and I've kind of always tried to pass on that knowledge as a thank you to the gamers who walked me through the rough earlier days. I like explaining to people in game how various systems work and showing tips and tricks which may not be immediately apparent to my peers around me. Honestly, I'd rather walk a newcomer through how to do a job instead of just doing the job myself and in total silence.

In short I'd like to have mentor so that I could more easily and accessibly help out people who are floundering a little bit. Be the person I wished I'd known i had the ability to contact talked to. I'm pretty much always just a ping away on discord whenever I'm awake, so I feel like I'd be a pretty active mentor, at least through the discord system. I also live in the UTC+8 timezone, so I could cover mhelps in timezones that are a bit quieter.

In terms of job experience, I'd like to fairly briefly go over stuff I'm good at.
  • Engineering Department [Image: B-33.gif]

I'm well versed in the TEG, Singulo Engine and Nuclear Engine.
I can station repair pretty well, construct rooms, connect up oshan's hotspots, and construct self-defence ttvs.
I also know the ins and outs of cargo, and am a fairly efficient miner (although I have a tendency to stick to the mineral magnet).
I have some experience with setting up simple mechcomp systems, like teleporter networks, but nothing game breakingly crazy.
I have a general overview of this department overall, and it was one of the first departments that I set out to conquer, as it happens.
  • Medical department  [Image: dr-acula.gif]

As a medical doctor, I can do fairly basic treatment on all damage types, and some organ surgery with a little help from the wiki. I like to specialise sometimes and go for the imaginary doctor subtypes 'mortician' and 'paramedic' too.
I can play genetics, but don't really like to, lol.
Robotics I do quite often, and it's nice to construct and edit borgs to their liking, and make lots of friends there too. Get it, make friends, like im literally making them
  • Science department [Image: boogiebot.gif]

I can make TTVs, flamethrowers, lots of different chemicals, can test artifacts with efficiency, and know how to calibrate the telescience teleporter. I think that covers all the salient points. Still haven't constructed a fully functional canbomb yet though, not for lack of trying. They keep cracking open on me, but I know the theory. I'll get there one day.
As for azones, I've unfortunately ended up spoiling myself for most of them by poking around the repository. That said, I know how to get through most of the non secret ones, and know the first bits of the NTDC.
  • Command department   [Image: bee-fancy.gif]

Sometimes I like to take charge of things if a department/the job itself is empty, hop in as a head of staff or a head of personnel. Rolled captain a few times as well, and I like to think that Bichael leaves a good, if somewhat chaotic impression. Haven't played HoS (and don't really intend to) but I can CE pretty well if i do say so myself, and know all the HoP ID card intricacies as well.
  • Security department  [Image: owl.gif]

Gotta be honest here, due to where I live, my ping is usually up above 1000ms (600ms on a good day), so I am not terribly robust when it comes to classic style combat. That said, secoff Bichael still makes an appearance every so often, and I can direct people around the station and update sec records and use all the devices. I know the basics of detective work as well.
  • Civilian department [Image: bee-sleep.gif]

Love janitoring, it's very chill and you get to talk and explore lots.
I can bartend fairly okay, but haven't memorised all of the recipes yet. Still, I can put together the most common ones without having to check the wiki now.
Haven't really played chef or rancher much yet, but I'm working on that. I at least know the theory of cheffing but never found myself in a culinary mood.
Haven't had the luck to have the opportunity to play chaplain while a vamp was active, but I know the theory of how I would go about it.
Have dabbled in botany (ironically mostly while I was playing cargo :p) and know what goes where, even if i'm no good at selectively breeding genes and whatnot.
Played clown once and regretted it. I hope that doesn't count against me.
  • Antagonists [Image: syndibee.gif]

Not too fond of playing as antag usually (see: lack of the robust juice), but I have played as traitor, conspirator, changeling, arcfiend, and gang leader a few times, know the ins and outs of their abilities and equipment. Can't recall if I was ever a vampire, but definitely been vampthralled.

In conclusion:
If there's a job role, I can play it. Some betters than others, but everyone has their specialities. First application didn't go through because lack of response but I'm hoping I do better this time.  Sleeping bee

Thanks for reading through this application, I know it was a bit lengthy. Hope you have a good one.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None that I know of.
full transparency, i dont think ive ever seen you ingame, so i cant speak for ingame teaching or that sort of thing. however, you have been very helpful and willing to assist on the discord with stuff like code reviewing and such, so i imagine youd be just as effective helping as a mentor. +1
Also gonna add that I don't think I've ever seen you in game but I suspect that's purely because you're on basically the other side of the world as me. However, I can wholeheartedly vouch for both your game knowledge as I've seen demonstrated in the discord, and your eager willingness to help people when they have questions, both with game content and even code stuff; I think you'd make a great mentor and it's just a bonus that the timezone you live in is one where there's usually less mentors around to answer questions received. +1
Been waiting for this app to come back up for a while. If anyone says they don't think Tyrant has the knowledge to be a mentor, they're crazy. Mapping and coding PRs both develops skills and requires them, and he's been more than happy to give out advice and share knowledge over discord. +1
I don't know if I've seen you more than a handful of times in-game so I can't speak for their behaviour there, but if it is anything like how they act on the discord I'd be more than happy to see them on the mentor team. Tyrant is always willing to provide answers or insights on the discord, super eager and approachable and a really friendly face. They have a huge pool of knowledge from coding to mapping as well as general gameplay things, and I often see them sharing this with people on discord with a freindly and helpful attitude.

I think their vast knowledge and their willingness to help new and old players alike with a positive attitude would make them a great addition!
Like on your las application, i am 100% behind you being mentor. While i didn't saw your behaviour too much in game (timezones related probably), you are a very welcoming and friendly person to have on the discord and have helped several people them.

So yeah, give this feller the purple mouse.
we've both come a long way in playing this game as we both started playing basically around the same time, and in that time I've seen him grow into a solid presence in the community. whenever he's working on a project he feels passionately about he will eagerly speak of it and request honest feedback, and anytime I see a question relevant to his expertise whether in-game or coding related he is happy to answer. he's also not shy to admit that he doesn't know or is uncertain about particular game mechanics, and isn't afraid to ask for help himself.

a definite +1 from me.
Helpful, friendly, good coder, one of those people that I think have been around longer than they have. +1
Easy +1. Very fun and welcoming in the discord. Bichael is always a treat to have on shift, and definitely knowledgeable.
Have also never seen them ingame that I can remember, but they are very active on the Discord and are helpful and skilled when it comes to coding, which should extend to game knowledge.
Tyrant's a top bloke, though I don't see him as much in game he's been great all times I've talked to him in discord. +1
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as a Goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 23rd January 2024. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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