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Penlight Idea
Add a feature to the penlight in which checking a dead body’s eyes would tell if you if a brain inside of the body is cold, warm, or slimy. Maybe a different inspect if there is no brain at all. Would also fix dead bodies giving an eye response (if that’s still a thing.) Since all doctors can carry a penlight in their PDA it would be a quick way to assess a dead person’s brain without having to tear the whole thing out.
From an RP standpoint this doesn't make sense in world. I don't get how flashing a light in a corpse's eyes could tell you the state of the brain. Maybe make it a feature of the organ scan upgrade on a health analyser instead.
I agree that there could be an easier way of finding out if someone is borgable or not without needing surgery, but the penlight probably isn't it. Maybe the health scanner upgrade.. but that could result in information overload.

Odd idea, why not let the Stethoscope do this? You already have to target the body for it normally, so targeting the head to 'hear the brain' would probably work. It probably wouldn't even need to be straightforward, just "A noise can be heard" when they're borgable and nothing if they aren't.

If not a Stethoscope, maybe an item unique to roboticists since they're the ones dealing with brains anyways.
Chaplain/Roboticists should probably both be able to tell at a glance if someone is borgable, Chaplain because spirital matters and Roboticists because it's their job and all

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