Complaint adhara, Discord meme channel, 8/22/23
Discord meme channel
8/22/23 noon 12:30ish CDT

So it's my first time making one of these admin feedbacks or complaints or whatever you wanna call them. I've never really had any problems with any mins since I started way back in 2011/12, well I guess except for popecrunch one time in discord but that wasn't really that big of a deal looking back on it. This probably isn't that big of a deal either.
But anyway first time here, sorry if it sucks. I personally hate writing these kinda things or writing in general. Took almost the whole IRC server years back to get me to make an HoS application then and even then it took wonk and other mins back then telling me they'd ban me from the game if I didn't write one up because they wanted me to be HoS to get me to actually go through with it.
Sorry sorry. This is why I don't like writing this stuff. I ramble.

Back to the topic.
So I had posted an image of a news article in meme channel about that crypto FTX scammer Bankman-Fried that scammed 8 billion dollars from people and is in jail awaiting trial about his lawyers saying he needed a special vegan diet and a computer and some medication to help him concentrate or he wouldn't be able to go to trial and I thought that was such a silly lawyer delay/defense tactic that it deserved to be posted in the meme channel.
Soon after I posted it seems adhara had objections to it. Assuming that I was making fun of the guy for needing medication in jail or something and that it wasn't a joke.
I was mostly finding it funny that he wanted a special vegan diet in jail where everyone is mainly fed the same stuff except for medical reasons. I was feeling he just wanted extra instead of eating what all the poor people eat and then trying to use that as a lawyer tactic is silly(also giving a computer to a crypto scammer in jail is pretty silly as well). That's my opinion on it at least. Here's an image of that starting bit.

[Image: 9NM4PlD.png]

So yeah from the start I was pretty much agreeing with adhara that people in jail/prison do get special diets if they medically need it. I don't think veganism is in that box.
Also of course I believe if it's religious they get different food as well. I've never been in prison myself, just juvvie as a kid. We all just got the same trays with the same food on it. ANYWAY.
We moved on a bit and I think adhara was thinking I wanted them to punish him in jail or thought it would be funny by keeping his medication from him or something.

[Image: YqiPvhs.png]

I didn't say anything like that. I was just saying that jail/prison doesn't really care that much as long as you are given food and don't die from it. Being picky in jail just means you don't eat. You don't get to change what they give you.

[Image: 3vb0HBA.png]

Then I was dunking down on him for being a crypto scammer. I personally dislike crypto scammers and believe this Bankman-Fried guy is scum for scamming 8 billion from I dunno how many people and they will probably never get their money back. Plus then he went on to use some of that money to illegal campaign contributions aimed at influencing cryptocurrency regulation in Washington. Dude wanted to make it easier for himself and other scammers to scam people with crypto. I think everyone here understands how shitty crypto scammers are. Hell we even banned OMJ for shilling crypto on the forums and stuff years ago. Its all bad news.

[Image: Cywj2zB.png]
[Image: Mg6byk5.png]
[Image: r00UoAN.png]

So yeah here we were having what I think was an interesting discussion on prisons and treatment inside and adhara felt like we were saying prisoners in the US should be treated badly or something. I'm not sure where that came up or why they brought it up. Yes we all know US prisons are shit and everyone here agrees with that. No one was saying Bankman-Fried should have been treated worse in prison than anyone else. He was just being treated the same as everyone else in prison and that's pretty much what he deserves, he doesn't deserve to get more than anyone else and hes scum who tried to influence witnesses to get way with it(again my opinion).

Now this was mostly just all backstory I guess. The lead up to what happened next. Up to this point I think I agreed with most of what adhara was saying. I wasn't trying to disagree or anything.

This is when adhara started to get tired of the discussion I guess and told us to just move on even though there was nothing bad going on. We were just having an actual conversation about prison stuff. I don't know if having actual conversations in discord is not allowed or something but it seems like it would be overbearing and rude to suddenly come in throwing your weight around saying you have to stop talking about this because you say so and no reason for why. The conversation was already lulling down and would have ended naturally by itself.

[Image: TIA1ZDu.png]
[Image: slO9rHQ.png]

Yeah I was a little confused and upset that adhara decided we were no longer allowed to have a conversation out of no where. Being overbearing and all that is never a cool move. It's a very rude move. I would have understood it if people were getting riled up and shit but nothing was happening other than just agreeing that US prisons suck and that this crypto guy also sucked. It was basically over already without the need to slam the hammer down demanding everyone stop talking. Hell maybe if adhara had tried to make it funny it would have been fine but no. Nothing humorous or fun about this.

[Image: wFKzI7r.png]

Just I'm the boss and you have to do what I say. I guess it does fit in with talking about prisons in the US and then acting as a prison guard telling the inmates to shut up and go to sleep.
Again I have no idea what they meant about getting in the last word. I just wanted to make myself clear that what adhara was doing was very rude in my eyes. Well that could of course just be my opinion as well. I mean I do have autism and that can color my perception of things somewhat when it comes to what people say.
Well have that last post I made I guess because I "got the last word in" again they decided to admin DM me a warning or whatever it is and now that's where I actually got heated.

[Image: F4vbTa8.png]

(Sorry have to cut these two last images out because the forum only allows 10 images per post and I had 12. Heres the links to the final two discord logs.)

Telling me that I am trying to get the last word in and "grandstanding" about their abuse of authority. I have no idea what they mean by that. I don't think I even once referred to their admin authority or anything like that. The whole thinking they are being rude for barging in and telling everyone to stop talking about something was mainly just how I felt about them personally. I wouldn't enjoy anyone doing that, has nothing to do with their "authority" or what have you.
Personally to me it felt as if they were feeling like I was questioning their authority and that was upsetting them so they had to keep on pushing back. I wasn't questioning anything. I was in fact agreeing with them about what they were saying previously but I believe adhara had already made up their mind and didn't want to "back down" or "show weakness" to someone they felt they were above.

Maybe I am just reading too much into this but that's how it felt to me. Obviously I started to feel as if I was being looked down upon just because they were admin and telling me to fuck off basically just because we were having a conversation that they didn't like. So then I started to get heated when they sent an admin PM over discord to me basically telling me to shut the fuck up and that I was trying to get the last word in and grandstanding about them abusing their authority. I have no idea where they got that idea from. Yes I told them it was rude to come into a conversation and throw their weight around saying "i'm server staff" and that means we have to do what they tell us.

As you can see at the end I was getting upset with the way adhara was acting. It was rude and seemed like they were hiding behind their whole "staff member" role. Saying to just report them if they didn't like what they were doing and all that. It feels wrong. It's like when someone has a complaint to a police officer and the police officer just brushes them off saying "If you have a complaint about how I'm doing my job here's my badge number and you can call my commander." We all know nothing will happen. Everyone knows about the whole "We the police have investigated ourselves and have found we did nothing wrong." That's the vibe that adhara was giving off.

I have noticed something about adhara's adminning style over the time I've been back in the discord. It seems like every time there is a discussion going on and people are agreeing about something if it's something adhara has a countering opinion on and others don't agree with it or offer some slight resistance to them they decide to shut down all talk and tell everyone to move on. It feels like a very rude and childish way of doing things to me.
Just jumping into a conversation and telling everyone to shut up and then if someone complains they just say to make an admin complaint or report them. It really feels like the way they keep doing this just means, "Haha You won't do shit even if you complain it doesn't matter and if you keep going I'll just ban you."
That could be me reading into it but I have also heard from others that this is the vibes it's been giving off as well.

I mean I've been around here for awhile so I've known adhara for all this time and I don't remember adhara being like this until recently. I just want to know if there is something going on that is affecting them and the way they conduct themselves as a "staff member".
I have never had a problem with adhara before as far as I can recall. I got nothing against them. Dunno if they got something against me but I'm going to assume that's not the case.
I also hope it's not just adhara deciding they have free reign to just throw their authority around to stop any discussions they personally don't like. I mean I've been here since 2011/12 so of course I know about "If an admin asks you to knock something off, do it." but I feel in this case it was just out of no where and unwarranted even if the rules say the admin can tell you to pack up anytime they want I usually don't see any admins using that rule for no reason. I have seen only adhara do that multiple times now in discord. Again because of the rule of admins being able to just tell you to stop or shut up about something at anytime they want I'm sure that is the only response I will get from this. 
"adhara told you to stop the conversation and adhara is an admin so that means you were suppose to stop having a conversation and not fight it. Admin Complaint closed." Add in a "You are lucky you didn't get timed out/banned, if anything adhara was gentle on you."

Well I also know that even writing all this up will probably not do anything much at all and that is basically why we are told to just make an admin complaint because then it just makes us feel better thinking we did SOMETHING at least. Even if that something is just yelling into the void. But at least yelling into the void makes the person move on and feel better about themselves unless they were like looking for a fight or something.
I'm not looking for a fight. I just wanted to write all this I guess. So I did. That's pretty much all that this amounts to. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time reading this.
This is why I don't like writing all this stuff, always just makes me feel depressed at the end.
Responding to let you know the feedback was read and discussed.

My personal opinion is the situation wouldn't have occurred had the subject been dropped at the first request. I do understand that it doesn't feel great to have someone in a position of power tell you that, but it's a part of trying to moderate the chat and try to prevent heated discussions.

Quote:Personally to me it felt as if they were feeling like I was questioning their authority and that was upsetting them so they had to keep on pushing back. I wasn't questioning anything. I was in fact agreeing with them about what they were saying previously but I believe adhara had already made up their mind and didn't want to "back down" or "show weakness" to someone they felt they were above.

While I trust you had no bad intentions and there was a misunderstanding, it was an inherently sensitive subject about a controversial figure. Whether or not the two of you agreed wasn't the issue: it was continuing past the point and making an issue out of it. If they did what they did because they felt they needed to show strength in front of the community... Well, who put them in that position?

That said, we do appreciate you taking the time to make this post and do find it helpful.

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