Mentor Application - MeggalBozale (Dr. Romayne)
Usual character name: Dr. Romayne
BYOND username: MeggalBozale
Discord username: Dr. Romayne (mynameisromayne)
Recommended by: N/A
Goon servers you play: Goonstation 1: Classic (Heisenbee)

Brief Introduction:
Hey! I'm Dr. Romayne, you'll almost always see me on Classic, and you've surely seen me around if you've played the past few weeks. If you haven't seen me around, I'm more of a research-role player who likes to run around and see what crazy things I can get up to. I like to go in deep with game mechanics, and if I can take the time, to help out anyone who needs it. Way, way back, you might of heard of me as James Pen. I've also used this character for a shift or three on RP.

Reason for application:
The main reason I am applying is because I believe being a mentor would give me more opportunities to help teach new players. Having played the game for as long as I have, there is a lot of knowledge on game mechanics I have accumulated, much of which I would love to pass down to newer players. So far, I have! When I see that a new player is struggling with a mechanic, or perhaps trying to learn something like the reactor, I'll stop what I'm doing to see if I can lend a hand. (Of course, if they wanna figure it out themselves, more power to 'em. But some things you just gotta ask, like how to slide and such.) To note my most memorable experience (and heads up, even that's a foggy memory, I certainly will not recall this perfectly), I was in the minimedbay of cog1 with another doctor, who in some way or another asked for help with doctoring. Immediately I went to teaching them the basics; your health scanner, the auto-menders, damage types, all that jazz. We had no wounded to wait around for, so I opted to use myself as a punching bag to teach the doctor how to heal brute damage. And from the heavens, all of a sudden, descended a test dummy! I was very glad for this, and proceeded to use the test dummy (rather than myself, I think? Again, foggy memory, my brain goes more to the moment than remembering it.) to continue teaching the doc to doctor. Definitely my favorite teaching moment, and I learned that it was fun for me, too. As it turns out, I enjoy teaching players about the game!

Game Experience
As for my experience, I have a foundational knowledge of every job, except perhaps ranching. I know the most about science, engineering, and medical. I can setup all forms of generators, and I've gotten quite good with the Nuclear Reactor. I have extensive knowledge of toxins (though not quite canbomb-level), as well as hull repair and some mechcomp. I have the most experience in doctoring/genetics/robitics, where I spent the majority of my formative time as a player. I'd say I know everything there is about doctoring, 'cept there's always something to learn, and claiming I know everything of anything would be foolish. And that keeps me going! (But seriously, I'm very well versed in doctoring.)

Previous bans:
*Autobanner bot thought I was somebody else once and permabanned me, appeal was sent and accepted
knowledgeable and friendly from my personal interactions, ive seen them tutor new players on the engine multiple times while observing

+1 would make a great mentor
Extremely friendly within the game. Ive personally seen them be encouraging to new players. my personal experience ticks all the boxes for what i would expect from a mentor. (also not knowing about how to make can-bombs isnt really a downside XD (especially since they never changed the numbers for a max cap can-bomb from before they nerfed chamber burns))

+1 Would love to see them being able to be more efficient at helping out newer players better then they already do!
Very knowledgeable and friendly to new players. Seen them teaching new players and has a ton of knowledge on the game. I support them becoming a mentor.

+1 would be amazing mentor material
Memorable name can't remember having a bad interaction with, +1 from me!
From what I've seen of them on classic, astute knowledge of game mechanics and goes out of their way to help new players learn something when the opportunity arises. Also a friendly person in general. +1
Dr. Romayne has been a pleasant player from what I've seen playing with them. Very knowledgeable and approachable. I think they would be a good mentor. So +1 for me.
What was said before me sums up Romayne pretty well. I am absolutely certain they will not disappoint you as a mentor. They're willing to help in game and out, and maintain a cordial demeanor regardless of their endeavor. +1
hell yeah

Always friendly, talkative, knowledgeable.
Dr. Romayne is practically a Mentor already with how much they help people, why don't we just make it official? +1
Knowledgeable nerd I've often seen teaching people and answering questions. +1
Helpful and with good attitude. Sometimes literally the only person in deadchat not losing their mind. 👍
The times I've seen them they seemed helpful to lots of different people, old and new. Recently saw them showing someone around the singulo in deadchat, answering all the questions they had about the engine in a nice and easygoing manner. Good vibes to have as a mentor in my opinion.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a mentor. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our Mentor Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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