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RP Wizard/werewolf feedback
Just opening a thread because I have heard a surprisingly small number of takes from RP players about werewolves and wizards. What are your thoughts on their addition?

I've personally found it really hard to actually roleplay seriously with them. Wizards I see cluwning people surprisngly early into shifts, but fair enough. I don't think I've seen a single werewolf live any reasonable amount of time, and people seem keen to get rid of them ASAP. it's tilted a lot of roundstarts to a murderthon, then it completely deadens the shift once they die.

i appreciate positive thoughts here, too. people who like the flavor, let it be known!
Oddly enough, that's the opposite of what I've seen but I still agree with you that it's hard to roleplay with both of them. Wizards have usually hightailed it, the shift being about them running around and sec just trying to catch up. The good rp in the round comes more around people reacting to what they've done instead of with the wizard itself. Interacting with the fairy tale animals of the crew, or how to interact with the cluwnes are the interest here.

Werewolves have been incredibly passive and people treated them like people in fursuits in public (you give them weird looks but overall don't bother them) I've seen a really good werewolf force so much action into a round (great as a doctor), so I know they can work well, but too many times they do nothing as an antag.
I think wizards fit perfectly on RP. I agree with what Dhaidburt said that direct interaction is rather uncommon, but i don't think thats a bad thing. Their effects add just enough chaos in a round that creates more RP among other peoplem in that area they are not RP'ing themselves too much, but they enable RP around them.

People pick often not deadly spells, which are nice for using for escalation. Heres a little problem, though: there are not enough. At least i have seen every second wizard take cluwning. I think if they had more funny/utility spells, it would vastly improve their RP potential.

Werewolfs, on the other hand, enable some early damage in a shift, which is sonething RP rounds tend to not have and is thus needed. The sentiment has indeed shifted from "awww, look at this pup" to "this is a danger" and that's a good thing imo.

The problem if the early deaths exist, but i don't think the problem is the werewolf dying early (they are kinda designed for fast escalation). I think the problem is just having an antag less in the game and this creates a problem because if the low antag count on RP.

I think both antags work for RP, wizards certainly better than werewolves.
I've done 2 threads on these but to sum up

Werewolf is distuptive. Wizard if they're not rpinh is very unfun.

I had a wiz round every timr they saw a sec off they cast fitreball prismstic spray spell shield and teleported away.

This was 9 times for me. Not a word or emote. Just sent to ctit. Usually while talking yo someone. Ive seen oyher wizards behin just wordlessly cluwneing people. I've seen Werewolbes go on silent rampages. Alot.

I think the main thing is werewolf shouldn't be a round start but a late join. And wizard should be a major antag slot lole wraith.

Having a wizard, werewolf, and ling with only 20 people and 2 sec is just...silly

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