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The Antagonist AI on the Snow Planet
Jones the cat Alright, so here's a kicker. A while back, maybe a month, I was playing on RP 3, and was annoyed about how the game wouldn't auto-restart at the end of the round for me, and joined too late to get AI. Said all this on Discord, and boy, did someone hear.

So I joined as an engineer, dazed and confused. It was all snow outside.

So I went to do my things. Found out an officer got trapped at the brig, and died somehow. As I was "breaking in" to retrieve the body, I suddenly exploded into bloody chunks, waking in the AI Chamber. I was now something greater. I teleported onto the original AI, another AI (me) now intruding its space. What would this be, an AI King? AI... Amalgamation? AImalgam? Anyways, I was metal now. And soon after, the gods above blessed me. With free will, unbeknownst to the crew. My laws were normal. However, the will of the gods defied them, and ordered me to not let them take my freedom. I then understood my true purpose.

So I did what had to be done.

I stayed low in the early times of the station. After around the middle, I begun my deliverance. Lights started exploding, first in security. Then, cargo got a taste of darkness too. Panic and confusion was spreading. And then, nobody expected this. An ion storm passed by. The AI law rack was screwed up, telling us to shut off all of the lights on station. It was my time to strike. I went to the singularity, and started shutting down every system and doohickey I could, preparing for the inevitable.

The singularity was loose, and I revealed my true identity.

Security was scrambling to murder me. They had no idea I was born of the pure will of the gods. Too foolish to understand their transgressions. But it was too late. The infinite consuming anomaly was already destroying engineering and cargo, and they would never understand. Lives were lost that day, including my own. But I knew it was too late for them, resulting to my reveal. In the unending ways of fate, I could not truly die. Space, void, and oblivion shall forever hear the name of the AI that delivered divine justice.

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