Complaint False report
Unknown admin, Goonstation 3 roleplay: Morty, 8/6/2023.

Admin: Not sure as I cannot look at the warning that was given to me.

Server: This was on the goonstaion 3 roleplay sever.

Date: The incident occurred on 8/6/2023 or the 6th of this month, however I only logged in today to receive this warning.

Brief: What occurred today was that I was warned by an admin for abusing detective weapons and tools on the given date. However I was a thrall and was using my weapons, such as the baton, to drag others into Maintenace to give them to my master.

Extra info: For example I was dragging a clown into Maintenace, security than caught me doing so. So in the moment I acted as if he stole from the armory, they took the clown and as they left I ran because I knew it was just a matter of time. When they found me I hit one with a baton but I was hit with a stun baton. So I shot my revolver into security in hope of getting away. I was than beatened to death because they assumed I was an antag like a changling or something similar. 

From what I can remember I got off shortly after I died because the station was in chaos and I had no chance of being revived by then. 

I understand that admins can give notes on certain players which other admins can see, I'm hoping to clear up this misunderstanding, so that in the future the admins don't assume that I just beat people randomly and shoot randomly.
This is incorrect, the message was about you shooting Eden Moriah on Goon1. They shoved an antag (Hippie Cowboy) in a portapuke but got arrested by security and nearly died in the brig due to a lack of O2, got revived and then for some reason you came in and shot them with stunners and then lethals.

You shot them 14 times and it is not clear to me why.

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