HoS/NTSC Application - Natalie Carter
Usual character name: Natalie Carter

BYOND username: HatSir
Discord username (if you are on our discord):  N/A

Recommended by (if applicable): N/A

Goon servers you play: 3, 4

Reason for application:

I really would like to be able to be the kind of player people can rely on when the station (inevitably) starts to crash and burn. Having a HoS does reassure me, personally, and gives a lot more opportunity for roleplay, whether it be working under them as an officer, or facing up against them as an antagonist. I'd like to be that person who really can help someone's story move forward in the rounds of SS13. For all sides, the HoS is a beacon that can really drive a round forward- even in Extended rounds with a total lack of antagonists. Personally, I'd really be happy to bring any new people into the Security role proper.
Also, I have GOT to pet Slyvester.

Security experience (300 word minimum):

I've been playing Security roles for a few months as both one Pandora Beloved and more recently, went fresh with Natalie Carter, who I've found to be a particularly good fit to the Security team.

I like to think I'm not just protecting the station and it's crew- I'm tasked to protect the story of a round itself. On the RP servers, I've really had the chance to meet quite a few officers that show exemplary teamwork, roleplay, and communication as a part of the Security team, and I do hope I've taken on that ability as well. It's such a joy when your team works as a unit, recognizing successes and working past failures. It's most seen in rounds that lack antagonists at all- where these players show they're in it for so much more than just 'taking the bad guy down'. Of course, there might be some antagonists a bit more driven to only 'fight security', especially on bigger rounds with more antagonists to deal with, but even then it's better to keep playing the story out, maybe even inspiring them to get a bit more into it as well.

Natalie strives to be a good impression on everyone she meets- even if they might have a gun or two pointed her way. It really does bring me joy when she interacts with other officers as an appreciated co-worker. She'll hustle (yay, more stamina) across the station at a moment's notice to offer you aid, prepared for just about anything to make sure the station and her coworkers are safe. Being a graduate of Space Officer Academy, as she says, I hope to show someone that hasn't had years of experience, but is still very much a professional in the field.

She'll make sure the crew is safe from other members of Security, if need be. It's really important to know that some things can just be solved with a verbal warning, ticket, or fine. People will be more open and supportive of a less hostile Security force. Even a syndicate agent strapped to the teeth with hidden weapons can be talked down more peacefully. (I am VERY glad I did not meet a derringer and bladed gloves that day. Props to that antagonist for also playing along and not whipping them out just to use them.)

If playing a round of SS13 doesn't bring fun and satisfaction to you and those around you, then what are you doing with your time, really? a fancy greater domestic space-bee

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players?
    Just like the Antagonist(s), your more powerful role in the round is meant to increase role playing opportunities, not decrease them by outright removing someone from the round 20 minutes in (one way or another). Of course, do your best to keep your station safe, but don't be hellbent over 'winning' and 'losing'. It's much more enjoyable for everyone to play out the drama between the forces of the station. It's up to you to not just play the game, but see the BEST way to keep the round moving. Keep in mind how other players feel- walk in their shoes, too. It really is true- talk first, shoot later, if at all. This is all particularly true on the Roleplay servers I play on. 
    Even if you're not the HoS, remember that you too can call out unfair or overly aggressive behavior from your fellow Security members. Sometimes they need a reminder to stay in line, and sometimes they just need some help learning about the true role of Security- to make sure the station feels secure. Being a jerk that wordlessly shoots on sight does not make people feel secure. Good as gold, but you really do get as much respect as you give. Don't hold your position over someone else's- everyone is a valued member of NanoTransen. Even the Clown.

    One more thing- consider limiting yourself. It can be a lot more of an interesting and personal experience than the classic armored-up officer in plain red.
    Natalie needs prescription glasses, so she can't use the SecHUD that offers vital information and protection against vampires/flashes, wears a cute pink bow instead of a helmet (at least, on regular patrols), and has the Athletic Trait- giving her more stamina for the cost of taking a GOOD bit more Brute damage from any source. Naturally, this just means she works ever the harder with her team to make up for these weaknesses.
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
    One of my favorite moments was when I, a corrupted AI had to eliminate any 'threats' to myself. After a few minutes of negotiations and going over the law itself, the Captain (Security was understandably busy) left the upload in peace, to return as non-threatening as possible- armed with only the disguise of dinosaur pajamas they'd put on. I found it so humorous that I immediately let them restore the laws. It really goes to show how the solution to a situation is to NOT act threatening to the AI programmed to deal with threatening things.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
    Perhaps some more introduction to the tried and true concepts of how to carry a round in roleplay for both security and antag players- I've had many times, antagonists or even just plain old staff assistants throw violence in my face in the brig, to no avail, only causing them more brig time and dissatisfaction. Really, stop trying to escape the jail cell. It'll open in like, 30 seconds, and it'd be done with anyways. While the RP rules do pop up at the start, I wonder sometimes how much some people have so much as glanced at them.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
    I'm definitely sticking a lot closer to Security and the Heads of Staff when it comes to concerns when flying solo. Communication  and talking it out with troublemakers goes even further in that situation. The closer the crew is to each other, the more they'll mention anything out of whack, rather than just letting it slide.
    As a full team, I like to make Natalie's classic supportive attitude is out there for everyone. She's checking in on everyone pretty regularly. She'll still stay at the front desk if need be, but otherwise, she's out on patrols, regularly notifying her coworkers if she goes of to something like an outpost or the space diner.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
    Look, between you and me, I would rather face NanoTransens Security Force than their Silicon Force. You can pick a small brig for your final destination, or a much smaller coffin.
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
    Really, a full on informative training session / quiz for anyone that might be interested. It really is a step up from other roles on the station, and I think the learning experience could be really helpful.
    Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):No previous bans! None! That I know of. 
I've had a few good shifts with Pandora; I'm guessing we play at slightly different times as we don't run into each other all that much. No issues that I'm aware of and you did well in the shared shifts.

As I'm limited in what I directly know about your ability to teach others and take charge (as I believe I was HoS in nearly all of our shared shifts), your application is well written and touches on a bunch of things I love to see/hear from prospective beret fashionistas.

Hope some more folks who get to play with you more comment!
Thank you for your comment! I did shelve Pandora from the Security role in general, since I wanted to put her character elsewhere. I'm glad I gave a good impression on the few times we've had together, and hope to do so again.
I end up in the same round as them a lot, I don't do security a lot right now but Natalie's always trying to keep the crew positive and I've seen them do a lot of good work, always happy to see them around!
I think I'd mainly like yo see you a little more experienced in sec. Right attitude. Post says good things. I just dont necessarily know if you have the sec hours for it yet. Give iy a bit and im sure id change my tune
I'm agreeing with Silent's assessment here, I think HatSir makes for a capable officer, I myself have also seen more Pandora than Natalie. Nevertheless, I'd like to also see more of you. The training part notwithstanding, I don't recall you leading many shifts so far, which may be in part due to often having a HoS present. You have the skillset, I think if you're given more time, as well as the chance to stand out on some shifts and leading investigations, you'd make for a good HoS.
We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to mixed community response. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 23rd January 2024. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep sec officering!

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