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The great radioactive floor incident
I'm sure this has been done many-a-time by those who enjoy radiation. But this was my first time doing it, and thus to me, it was special.

Story takes place about a year-and-a-half or two years ago, back before the recent radiation changes (that I still need to learn about, anyway..)

Goon 1, roundstart, Miner. Sweet. Hit rock. Rock and STONE! Stone! Rock! Hit-hit-hit! space bear

Funny sounds over the radio.. and suddenly: BOOM! Sleeper Agent activated!

My brain ticks over. I'm still a bad antag, rolling it extremely rarely, months or even a year apart. What can I do as a sleeper miner? Here's a thought.. wait.. can I turn cerenkite into stuff? Turns out, yes I can. Can I turn them into floor tiles? Yes, yes I can! F3 was a lot of help here, thank you mentors!

Where should I put my brand-new radioactive floortiles first? That's right, escape hallway! Then I dot some about the station under doorways of busy areas.. then just go all-in on the corridoor when nobody is around. Soon enough the radio is filling with: "AAH RADS! HELP ME RADIATION. WHY AM I DYING TO RADS?! HELP!!" and my brain is giving me a steady drip-feeding of happy chemicals.

Security are either dead from other antags at this point, or much too busy to track me down / figure out what's going on. Soon the shuttle is called, and everyone amasses to the escape zone.. none of them noticing the entire floor is now a slightly different shade, and I sit there in my mining armour with glee as they all start dropping like flies. A few survivors manage to limp into the shuttle, one or two dying as the shuttle is in transit.

And there I am at the end of the rough, smiling and happy with myself for the chaos I caused.

Too bad this is now no longer possible with the radiation changes (Or, I should say, everyone will know what's up the second they see it..), but it's a good memory nonetheless!

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