Mentor Application / AggressiveBeans (The Silent)
bee  Usual character name: 

The Silent/ Telly Dances  

bee  BYOND username:

AggressiveBeans, and something else before that, that I can't remember.

bee  Discord username:

dacoffee. Including the period! Been in it for a few years.

bee  Goon servers you play:

Usually Goon3 as it's the most active on the Rp servers, but overall, I play the Rp servers.

bee  Reason for application:

Hey there! I am Coffee in Discord /AggressiveBeans on BYOND! I have been playing Goon servers for about three or four years now! I joined the server back three or four years ago, and was consistently playing on Goon3 and Goon4. Before that, I was on Tomato Gaming's server he had. I moved here when his server was shut down a few years ago! I have had The Silent, my main character, for that long. My second, Telly Dances, I have had since about a year or two ago. Most people probably either know me or have seen me in passing! 

I am applying as a mentor because, other than perhaps Engineering and Science, I know quite a lot about the game, it's mechanics, its overall community and how things work. I am aware of the rules, how most of the jobs work and so on. I have been playing for quite some time, so I'd like to be able to help and mentor people when they need it. I have mentored people before, not in an official capacity but if I see someone who doesn't know how to do things, I typically go about helping them whether it be in RP or mostly in LOOC. I enjoy helping people, and over the years I feel I have gotten better at being what the community strives for. I admit I've had a couple slaps on the wrist, two to be exact - I feel that is just a learning experience and I've gotten better overall for it. Nonetheless I'd enjoy being able to help people. I avoided applying for awhile as I wanted to be sure that I felt I was mature enough within the game and able to be more patient. 

bee  Game Experience: 
Rounds Total: 608 Rounds (Rp): 580 Rounds Joined (total): 450
Rounds Joined (rp): 429 Time played: 552:31

I have had many many hours playing this game, between two accounts, so I will just put the ones here that I have played the most! I've played almost all roles before. 

- Medbay Experience - 
Medbay is probably where I've had the most experience, or at least second to most. I started becoming interested in medical as soon as I started playing, but I wasn't that particularly good until a year or so ago. I am typically playing a medical related job at least once per session that I am on the game, which lasts from when I get on to about 8pm PST (or whenever I get burnt out on the chaos that ensues in medbay). 
- Jobs Completed -
* Medical Doctor
* Medical Director (most commonly played by myself)
* Medical Assistant 
* Random Round Specific Jobs
- Areas of Expertise - 
* Medicine
* Surgery
* Cloning

My take on medbay: Completely chaotic job to have, one where you need a lot of patience, time to learn everything and ability to meet people's wants and needs. Especially when you're director, you're often times being pulled here and there for everything, and people are running from you when needing healed, people are crowding the way, pushing and running away from medical treatment. It requires you to be patient for sure. Overall my favorite job to have. 

- Janitorial Experience -
This one is pretty self explanatory. As a janitor, I am being called to parts of the station to clean up every type of mess possible! I mostly do this job if I am wanting to sit back and clean while watching the chaos that unfolds around the station. I am I believe, level 14 in janitorial (not counting the previous account) so I've spent a lot of time figuring out the quickest and most effective ways of cleaning things in a hurry. 

- Chef Experience -

This is another one I completely love. This is on par with, if not sometimes above being medical director. I've made just about nearly every recipe possible as a chef, and am one of the only chefs that enjoys sticking to making actual edible food, trying new recipies, and bothering botany! I love to be creative but still make it so people will want to eat the food. If I'm not in medbay, it is 97% likely that I am the chef in the kitchen, cooking away! So most of my many many hours in Goon have been being chef.

- Head of Personnel Experience - 
There was quite a period of time in which I was constantly being the HoP, and finding new ways to make it interesting and creative without making it.. boring. I have played quite a few hours of being head of personnel. 
Things I've done as HoP:

* Created simplistic paperwork as to make it so there is a paper trail on who has changed jobs and gotten permissions. This is almost entirely to add a little more roleplay to HoP instead of just "can I be a janitor" "yes" and handing over an ID. It is also for the purpose of leaving a trail so there can be investigating to be done! A lot of times, i've seen that someone is entering places they shouldn't be, can't be identified and there's nothing security can do but keep an eye out. It is fun to have a trail of who has what permissions, so it can be sort of more work for the detective to sift through the files and see if the wrong-do-er can be found out by records. 
* Arranged unique job titles - who wants to be "Janitor" when they can be "King of making things Sparkly" Or "Head of cleanliness"? Overall I enjoy making people's titles stand out a bit more, I know they tend to enjoy having special or funny titles and it brings a bit more uniqueness to their job. 

Overall sometimes there isn't much to do as HoP, and sometimes you unwillingly become the Captain and have to figure out the entire station and what to do with it. But I've enjoyed this role. 

bee  Previous bans:

I have had two previous bans in about three to four years of playing. I can admit I was wrong on both of them! One was a thirty minute, and one was.. I believe a 2 day. Nonetheless.. the first one was because I was letting frustration get to me. People were doing things I interpreted as wrong, so instead of figuring out how to handle it, ahelping, ect - I said unkind words when I was fed up. This was in 2022, and though it was a year ago, I feel I've improved a lot from that. It seems silly now that I look back on it that I got frustrated enough to say mean things. My second was when I was warned for misgendering; I had accidentally misgendered due to a heated (in rp) argument that was happening, and I kept saying "He" or "she" without looking at who they actually were or what their pronouns were. I was corrected in character, said okay whoops and didn't do it further! Later, an admin approached and gave me a warning, and i explained that I had already fixed it and it was more of a case of myself not paying attention than purposefully. I argued a bit more than I should have, seeing as in my opinion I'd already been told off in character for it, and didn't like receiving a warning. I understand why it happened and later vowed to be more careful. Overall that ban reason was for arguing with an admin! Luckily I feel I've vastly improved from those two situations.  space owl
An absolutely wonderful person to see on goonstation, very friendly and wonderful to speak to. From what I've seen of them, they certainly have the game knowledge to be an excellent mentor. I have had nothing but good experiences from playing with Coffee, and I sincerely believe that they will work amazingly as a mentor.

Great person, I would suggest them as a mentor yes smile
I've known her for quite some time and she's clearly shown good knowledge, game sense and is pleasant to be around so I'd recommend for a spot as a Mentor
Beans has great characters and presence in rounds, actively working to help others and progress the narratives that are being weaved in exciting ways for other players. I feel that they generally conduct themselves well both in and out of game.

That being said, I'm limited in my experience with your teaching/helping others with mechanics/etc. I've seen you do some sharing of knowledge in Medical roles and would assume that carries over to other roles you play.

Overall we've shared a good deal of shifts together and I haven't seen anything that would exclude you from getting a purple dump truck!
I've seen alot of good behavior. I also witnessed some negative. I believe in this time they have grown and if they are willing to continue to keep a positive attitude, I see no reason to not allow them. THe fact they where open and candid on this topic was, I feel, a sign of their desire to not repeat past action.
While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as a Goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 23rd January 2024. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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