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[PR] Farts to have 5 second cooldown
i would personally prefer it at 3 seconds, as 5 seems a bit long for me (though i quite enjoy farts)

overall though i think the 'fart disbelief' trait holds more water
a deeply soulless pr if ive ever seen one
How long is the scream cooldown? Make it the same I suppose?
scream cooldown is 5 seconds as well
as is flipping, reciting miranda rights and birdwell
Now remove it as an Atmos gas...
Funny thought, this raises the "prestige" of farting in someone's face.
With a long cooldown, you only get one shot before they get to stand up, don't fart on the wrong tile!
this pr is controversial enough that it went stale, got closed, and then got reopened.
We should do like a poll.

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