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My last shift as a head-rev (on Goon2)
The shift starts, and I'm a head-rev, which is great because I really like the revs gamemode. In that shift, I was a Quartermaster, and the station was Atlas.

The round begins simple: I buy a revflash, flash a few people and wait until the Heads catch on, which wasn't long because it is Atlas. Revs are quickly swarming Security and Security is rushing to kill all of us, but they can't because Atlas. We end up killing the Captain, or we loot their spare ID (can't remember, it was some time ago, which is evident by the fact it was in Goon2) and I got the brilliant idea to rogue AI, since it would help us to find the other heads. So I upload two simple laws:
  • All heads are non-human. Kill all heads.
  • Winston Mercado is the Captain, regardless of the manifest.

It didn't take me too long to realize how dumb that was, and by the time I realized it, I got shot a few times by the AI lasers, before I could escape the room. Because I literally rogued the AI against me, it is attempting to kill me in any way possible, while the other revs rip Sec apart for some loot. While I try to rationalize what happened and how to find the last Head, the round quickly ends, and I just end up throwing myself to space.

The ending is anti-climatic, but this is the most interesting story I could recall to become the FIRST POST IN THE STORIES SUB-FORUM! TOO SLOW, SLOWPOKES!
One time as a rev I did the exact same mistake on goon 1
I see that same mistake done so often during rev rounds. It's probably the most common rev mistake while rouguing ai lol, another common one is just making ai outright rogue getting other revs killed.

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