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Putting a Vampire inside a Tanning Bed should cremate them
UV rays bad for Vampires.

Funny execution method.

I see no downsides to this.
Not a bad idea.. but cremating them that way you are going: "Why not use the cremation?"
If it ain't unique why use it as an execution?

And infact... this will increase vigilantism since now mr. robust staff assistant can slam dunk the vampire and into the solar bed and kill em.
You might also add that the pool will kill him since running water, give him no reason to ever enter the pool.. while never entering the chapel...

So insted...I do prepose a funny way of killing them in this fashion but have it be different.

Insted of turning into dust... they get deep fried, yummy!

Or mechanics wise to make it more fair... it takes away their powers. Making them a sleeper agent (with psychic thrall powers remaining)... so now the vampire can be "Stripped" of their powers but doesn't have to die.. so a PLUS to RP and a way for classic to NOT kill the vampire when exposed.
It should absolutely burn them very bad, if not straight up incinerate them, yeah. That's really funny.
Unrelated, but it'd be fun if you could cook things in them as well. Make some sun dried tomatoes
It was very funny so i quickly added it :
Its funny and I like it

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