Feedback Apology for personal conduct
Reason for ban:Told other players over LOOC to "go to a more carnaly friendly server." This is not an appropriate use of LOOC and NEVER an appropriate thing to tell other players.

Banned By:janatilles

Hey guys, i just wanted to apologize for my conduct and give some background.

My comment was to a couple of people who appeared to me to be ERP'ing, I thought i was ok in my comment but very obviously now i was not, in the future I will ahelp or ignore, I'm not appealing this ban nor do i want anything out of this thread, i simply wish to offer my apologies on my bad conduct and say i completely understand, will review the rules again, and hope that i can represent myself in a better way in the future. thank you for your time and appologies again if this posted in the wrong spot.

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