ZodiaDecius Mentor Application
Hello, welcome to my Mentor Application. First off I would like to thank you the reader for giving me a few moments of your time. 

I am ZodiaDecius, some of you may know me and others we may not be well acquainted yet. I have been playing GoonStation predominantly on Morty, for about Ten Months. I have various skillsets within the game, and have been expanding my knowledge past my comfort zones. I strive to try and be a helpful and reliable crewmate and player. 

Some of my greatest joys in this game come down to the interactions between players who are teaching other players things about the game, and I myself have strived to always be available to teach people the basics of engineering.

With that opening out of the way, let's get to it.

BYOND username: ZodiaDecius

Discord username (if you are on our discord): .skeletonoffun#0

Recommended by (if applicable): 

Goon servers you play: 3, occasionally 1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): 500+ hours gametime logged - will touch on this after this list.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):

 I had gotten banned at one point a few months ago. It was quickly fixed and revealed to be an autobanner flag, and had talked to Jan about it. 

As far as my reason for applying and game experience 

I absolutely adore the community, I spend a lot of time in discord chatting away, answering questions, and generally just hanging out. I love teaching people and learning from those willing to teach. I am at a state of general gameplay knowledge that I feel as if I am ready to try and step up to help and be a more active and helpful part of the community 

 I have extensive knowledge of the operations of all of the engines. I have taught many people how to do basic setups playing as CE and giving them the tools to experiment and help should they fail. While my knowledge on things like Mechcomp could use improvement I am confident in my ability to repair and maintain a station, it's engine, and teach others to do so.

Civilian: [Botany/Chef]
While not my strongest departments, I know how they operate and could also easily help people learn.

I have played quite a bit of security. I have firm knowledge of what is expected of security personnel and how to both make the hard decisions and the more lenient ones. Being able to show people the ebb and flow of it would come with time, but I feel like I would be able to steer people on a right direction.

Science: Admittedly this is my weak point. The only thing I truly know how to do is Artifact Lab, but this is next on my list of things to learn

I have recently actually started learning Medbay, I have picked it up quite well. I am still actively learning yhese skills but it turns out I knew a bit more than I had thought when I started out. 

All of this being said, I also am aware of a Mentors role in possibly letting admins know about potential rulebreaking that they see, and try to dissuade people from breaking the rules when giving advice. I also know to defer to the admins in the event that I am unsure. 

To conclude I would like to thank you again for reading this. I hope that I can get some feedback so I can learn how to grow better as a player, because after all, that's what I'm applying to try and do. 

If you have any fun stories that stuck out about
Bad Tim
Teef and Bones
Follows the Trail
Doctor Gross
I'd love to hear them. 
Thank you again, and I appreciate you all. 

While we appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, at this time we believe you would not be a good fit as a Goonstation mentor. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 23rd January 2024. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep being a friendly and welcoming member of the community!

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