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Hello Admins, The Forums, And anyone else

As some of you know, I'm relatively new around here, started back in September last year and have been loving the community ever since. 

One part of our community is our Admin Team, and after reading through a lot of these posts, I personally feel like these threads could use a little change of tone. So here we go. 

I would like to give some positive feedback to a few Admins that I have had the joys of playing with, and highlight some things I like about the things I have seen.

Jan is one of the most patient admins I have seen. She is always very helpful and generous with giving the benefit of the doubt. [People say stupid things sometimes.] The main thing I would like to highlight is all of the time Jan spends ensuring the discord does not fall into chaos and toxicity and I have seen them on multiple occasions deescalate topics or people who have gotten a little out of hand.

I always enjoy when Emily is on the station, their gimmicks are always fun, the rounds always being fun to be in. The other night they had a very very cool event ran, and I was lucky enough to help them out with the Role-playing of the round. It's always a blast.

Cal really grew on me, once I stuck around. At first. I thought him a bit abrasive, but realized quickly that he wasn't malicious with what he says, he's just, as he puts it, Blunt. Cal is very good at diffusing situations, shutting down people who need to be shut down, and is extremely informative and helpful, even if his responses are short. Keep up the good work man. 

Katz rounds are usually my favorite. I absolutely love when they show up. One round they did the Katz motel and I ran around as C.O.U.R.A.G.E. the Borg. Wonderful times. There was a basketball dunk contest for my life. Probably one of the funniest rounds I have ever had. 

Cob is always a hoot to talk to. I have never had a bad interaction with them. I love reading up on all the lore. 

There are more of you who have popped into discord from time to time who I've talked to like Gannets, but I'm not super familiar with everyone else [yet]

At the end of the day I'd like to thank the Admins for all that you do. Thank you for making this community such a great and terrible [for all the right reasons] place to be
Thank you - Always nice to get positive feedback!
Thank you so much, this means more than you know <3

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