Mentor App - Mintyphresh (Arp Davale)
Usual character name: Arp Davale
BYOND username:      Mintyphresh
Discord username:      @mintyphresh
Recommended by:      Eggcereal
Goon servers you play: 4

Reason for application + game experience:
I'd heard of SS13 several times before, but the thing that actually got me playing back in June of '22 was a video by Nurse titled "The People of Space Station 13." In the video she detailed her experience as a new player, not really knowing what she was doing, walking around, observing-- until she nearly dies from a welding fuel explosion she went to investigate. What was most poignant to me was what happened afterwards: someone came and retrieved her, and managed to save her life; she goes on too interact with several other parts of the station positively. The very next video was about a cyborg guiding her on how to defeat a loose singulo and defeating other badguys.

I wasn't really sold on SS13 before I watched these videos. Sure, I'd seen the sorts of goofy hijinks you could get up to with the ranch, or with genetics, but I took this with a level of skepticism; videos show the best of the gameplay, and it was clear in some videos (charborg) that the admins were fooling with them a bit. But after seeing what was happening in the Nurse videos, I realized that, even if I came in to this 15-year-old game as a complete newbie, I didn't have to fear feeling like an outsider. I watched some guides on how to do Botany, Medbay, etc.etc. and hopped in-- and I'm glad I did.

I've since played for 1500 rounds (1250 hours) with a respectable amount in most roles, but it was only recently that I realized just how important new players are to the community. I'm obsessed with them. The new perspectives they bring (even if they don't immediately conform to Goon's culture) are incredibly valuable, and the fresh, chaotic behavior they bring to RP servers is always a treat. Giving them the support they need is vital to keeping them around in the long-term, especially if they're coming of their own voliton; I'm STILL learning basic controls (like how "=" toggles stand/prone... or that scrolling will usually return focus to the main game board without having to click anything...) so I can only imagine what kinds of useful info a player could glean from an experienced an available mentor. Which would be me if I get accepted. >:3c

More important to me than education, though, is inclusivity; not everyone'll get the same pre-experience with the community that I did watching videos on Youtube. If a new player makes an Mhelp, I want to help send the same message I got from those videos: That the community's open to them as they are.

Engineering: I know how to set up a stable TEG setup, the singularity, and the basics of nuclear reactor operation (though I do not have a stable configuration known for the latter). Getting to insane power outputs has never been an interest for me and as such I have little to no experience with it outside of tips like how to manage pipe bursts during pipe burns (Graphene hardening compound & lots of welding!). I have basic knowledge of mechcomp and no knowledge of packets.

Mining: I'm super comfortable with this role at every level of play. Custom tools, how slowdowns work in the water maps, fighting drones, the works. The only thing here I can't advise on is pod mining.

Quartermaster: I'm super comfortable with this role at every level of play.

Science: This is one of my favorite departments. I'm a Chemistry master (wiki user) and can advise on techniques for developing recipes. I know how to code in chemfuck without external tools. I have great experience in telesci and artlab. Toxins knowledge is almost entirely engineering-based.

Medical: Ready at all levels and all departments. Wiki is your friend!

Botany: My second favorite department, and my pick for new players. Good on everything from tray chemistry to infusions to splices, though not familiar enough to recommend splice strategies for complex splices.

Previous bans: None I know of
Mintyphresh has always been a helpful and reliable person to ask questions, I feel very strongly that they would be a benefit to the Mentor Team, and that they are knowledgeable in enough areas to be able to help anyone from an experienced player to a newbie.

For what it's worth. A solid +1 from me.

-Bad Tim
Arp's been a familiar face on Goon 4 for quite some time now. Probably one of the best bartenders around in terms of a welcoming attitude. Knows when to keep the RP going, or when to back off and let the patrons talk to each other. More than once I have seen someone pass by the bar trying to accomplish something or getting lost, and Arp steps right in to help guide them. Sadly due to the jobs I pick, I only get so much interaction with them, but it's always been pleasant and a lot of those times I've seen them assisting or teaching someone else on various things. If this attitude and approach is consistent across all departments (which I have no reason to think it isn't), I think Arp would be a fine addition to the Mentor Team.
I see Minty constantly helping and offering help to Newbies, extending a welcoming attitude, and generally trying to foster a space that is inclusive and fun for everyone. I think they have the knowledge-base and attitude to make a great mentor and wholeheartedly endorse them!

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