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Snakes too op??
I've injected 100u and still died
(07-13-2023, 12:02 PM)The Wrote:
(07-13-2023, 02:28 AM)Kotlol Wrote: Sounds like intended mechanics? I litterly say if you get 1-2 squares close it might attack you. So if Person McCrewface in your example walked BY THE SNAKE aka CLOSE TO IT. It will attack.

Unless it was a different snake then the rattle one.. but those aren't poisonous.

So I am guessing your situation is litterly: The crewmember got too close and got punished.

i think death isint a good punishment for just running down the hallway or trying to get to a place, most of the time people dont even notice that there was a snake and still get biten

This is a bad argument against snakes.
Most people don't notice the barely visible gas that will knock em out and choke em.
Most people don't notice the bomb that is about to go off in the next room over when walking by.
Most people don't notice the clown car coming in the opposite direction or submarine driving along.
Most people don't notice the traitor holding out a deadly weapon, running along the hallway and then get slashed.

"Not noticing" is a defense I can use for 90% of deaths in this game and we don't change them.

But the poison nerf might be needed. Make a PR of it..
(07-14-2023, 01:16 PM)Kotlol Wrote: But the poison nerf might be needed. Make a PR of it..

Colossus the madlad did that already and it got speedmerged. Rattlesnake injection volume is halved now.
Toots Toots it got nerfed, wowie zowieTootsToots
Congrats on getting it nerfed. While I don't think the snake needs to be straight up removed or changed.. allowing someone to rush to medbay to get treatment with some time to spare is great enough.
my intention wasent to nerf it but just to share my opinion, but im happy that i affected it
yeah there's nothing quite like running past a rattlesnake and getting instantly bit and then wondering why you blood fall out

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