Mentor Application - NotDucc (Ted Baphomet)
Usual character name: Ted Baphomet

BYOND username: NotDucc

Discord username (if you are on our discord): aintducc

Goon servers you play: 3 & 4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum):

Hi! I’ve been around Goon servers since July of 2020 and joined the discord around December that year. My first experience of the game was playing classic after having never played was as a random-name QM who had zero grasp on the controls and only slowly learned them by asking questions, some being as simple as asking for the controls to drag crates and others being a bit more complex like “What do I sell to the market as a QM?”. Despite not knowing anything, it was still a fun experience. I was slowly learning how things worked and just seeing pure chaos in the midst of it all. When I finally did get my bearings, I would continue to play for the next 3 years and likely more, though now on the RP servers. While I don’t join rounds as often as I used to, I usually come back to play rounds every now and then.

Overall, I’d say I have at least a decent understanding of every department. Botany is my main job that I have nailed down and I also enjoy teaching it the most. While I normally at least give a rundown on what the plantmaster does and how it works, I usually also ask what the person I’m teaching wants to try, as having a goal in mind often makes teaching a bit easier. I’ve had teaching someone end in making cheese raffles before, so it’s often a fun experience!

Medbay is the next department I’d say I know very well. I’ve played as a roboticist MANY times in the past, as it used to be one of my main jobs, though now I usually play as the medical director or a medical doctor. As medical director I usually don’t take the lead on things unless I’m the only one in medbay or if it’s an emergency, I just assist the doctors and if they have questions on how things work I happily answer them.

Engineering is a department I don’t play often and definitely don’t have a full understanding of, but on the rare occasion I do it’s often fun. It usually ends in me wanting to decorate or create a room, though if the engine needs to be set up I’ll be sure to assist in any way I can and ask questions if I don’t know or remember how it works.

Security is often a mixed bag on not knowing how the shift will go until you’re halfway through, and even then a curveball can be thrown in, but I still enjoy it nonetheless. I mostly play as a detective when I am in security and make sure to ask officers to let me know whenever I’m needed for print scans, though I overall enjoy the job for the teamwork needed. While not much “mechanical” knowledge is needed to play security as it doesn’t have too many complex things to know aside from how records work, how to scan for prints, etc, it’s one where asking and answering questions often over security comms can be incredibly helpful for everyone involved.

Science is the department I likely have the least knowledge over, as I still have no idea how to operate the long-range teleporter properly, but I do have good knowledge on how chemistry works (mainly due to playing medical roles) and how artifacts work. Despite this, I’m certain I’ll push myself to learn it in the future as it is often a fun role to watch other people mess with.

I feel like being a mentor would allow me to be more helpful for players in the round. I enjoy helping others within my knowledge, as I know I’ve been in that spot before. I often find it to be a bit fun to teach departments as far as I can, or just answer simple questions in LOOC.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
We appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of community response. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 23rd January 2024

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