Mentor Application: 444/Aspen/Minty
Usual character name: Minty/Aspen Mintz
BYOND username: 444explorer
Discord username (if you are on our discord): 4four4 (originally 4 Four 4#7461)
Recommended by (if applicable): Glamurio, Showerless
Goon servers you play: Goon 3, rarely Goon 4

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): Okay, sorry if this will be a little messy. I may have only started playing in late 2022, but, I've gotten to the point where I'm competent with a lot of mechanics, and there's still quite a lot of room for me to learn further, mind you, but a lot of my fondest memories come from teaching or being taught myself things from Toxins to Engine set ups to god knows what. Whether it be from observation or someone actually spending the time to teach me, I've learnt and grown a lot as a player. And, I hope I've gotten to the point where I could help others in the same way I've been helped.

Medical is what first properly got me playing, I've gotten to the point where I can give advice wherever. I'm capable of using all of the mechanics Medical offers (Surgery, Treatment, Robotics, Genetics, etc). I can produce Medical Chemicals fast and make sure medbay is supplied for the round. I'm able to repair and supply Cyborgs with what they need. I've fallen a bit out of practice in Genetics, but, I'm still largely familiar with the basics and some of the more advanced aspects in my opinion.

Engineering is something I'm familiar with but still learning new aspects and quirks about each time I play it. The Singularity, Catalytic, Nuclear and Thermo-Electric Generators I'm all familiar with, some more than others, it is true however that I haven't messed with the Nuclear Reactor as much as I would like to, but that's something I'll be doing at a later point. Mechcomp I can provide help on the more small scale projects, such as teleporters or some traps. In semi-recent rounds I've been pushing myself to figure out some of the more complex aspects, with a lot of help from the current Mentor team.

A role that I've had the luxury of someone helping me through the more vague and confusing aspects, Science has always been a really fun role, even if I joke that exists just to cause problems. I've dabbled in adventuring, toxins, chemistry and rarely, artifacts. I've found many secret chems on my own, if you consider that some show of my capacity for learning and improving as a player.

Security I will admit I have not played much of, and when I do, it's usually Detective or Brobocop, but, I give my advice on what to do where I can and alert Security to things were relevant. I'm knowledgeable when it comes to the gear, I just don't have the true feel for how to deal with crimers. I'll put in the time and get to figure it all out for myself at some point, as Security has made for a lot of fun rounds.

I'm pretty much what would be described as a Silicon Main. I love AI and Cyborg, and I do my best to help others when confused with Law set interpretation and similar issues. I know what counts as human harm except a few edge cases where I have to double check. I also love seeing new AI and Cyborg players, and I'd happily help others get into the relatively niche roles they fill.

I may have lashed out in the past, but, I have apologized to people personally or through IC actions. I like to think that each day I become more and more relaxed and aware on how my actions may affect others. I hope that others would also agree with this. Accepted or not, I'll still be helping people. I think that's about it for this section.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I'm pretty confident I've never been banned
444 is a friendly player and knows their stuff. I have had nothing but good experiences with them and I think they are a good fit.

Had some excellent and professional interactions with Minty the AI. Knew their stuff. +1
Surprised there aren't more comments here. 444 is someone I definitely would love to see as a mentor. They are active in the community and helpful to new players, from what I've seen. I don't recall having many, if ANY bad experiences with them. Definitely knowledgeable. Would be happy to see them as a purple mouse.
I always have seen Minty as a very helpfull and friendly AI in rounds and very encountered a very friendly attitude from them on the discord and in-game overall.

While i haven't seen them teaching players too much, they frequently answer questions on the discord and thus show the qualities i appreciate about mentors (friendliness, helpfullness and not being condescending against beginners).

I think they will be very fitting to be a stinky purple mouse.
444 is a great player and an overall helpful member of the community. They regularly engage with other players, assist new players, and answer questions in the discord. All around I think 444 has what it takes to be able to mentor. +1 from me
Friendly, helpful. No complaints.
Friendly person all around, drops what they're doing to assist new players. Often seen letting people know how things work.
Minty is a great helper, and I believe that she would be great at being a Mentor. She is a very reliable source of information for new players.
Very competent and quite helpful on the server. Worked often with her when I first started seeing them working medical, and she's grown to be someone I quite look forward to seeing whenever she's playing. Lovely to talk to, I've seen them help new players plenty, and are quite patient with them. Active on the goonstation discord, I'd say that she's a wonderful fit for being a mentor on goon.

To back up my recommendation, Minty is a fantastic choice for mentor. They're incredibly knowledgeable on the game, know how to play a fun character and make rounds more enjoyable. She's once spent an entire 90 minute shift to teach me the basics of packet hacking, and I'm sure she's just as helpful to other people. She's a great role-model, fun to talk to both on Discord and ingame, and would make an excellent addition on the mentor squad.
To back up my recommendation, Minty is definitely someone fit for the role of a Mentor. They already have a large amount of knowledge about the game, and what they don't know yet, they plan on learning. I have both taught Minty and been taught stuff by them, and they have dedicated whole shifts to teaching something to people who asked. We have been on expeditions, worked on projects together, and spent plenty time around each other as well. They are a great roleplayer, quick learner, competent teacher and always pleasant to be around both IC and OOC. I am confident they would do well as a Mentor and represent the community well.

+1  Boogiebot
Minty's a delight on Goon3, has great interactions with others, and takes time out to gently guide newer players or players who might be trying something out for the first time. Can't think of a reason I've seen why they would not be good for the purp.
I haven't seen minty much in-game but they are consistently a friendly and helpful presence on the discord. They often provide help and answers to people and clearly have a lot of knowledge that they are happy to share with a positive and kind attitude. If their in-game presence is at all reflective of this I'd be delighted to see them on the team!
+1 from me! I have interacted with 444 plenty in-game, and I have seen them helping out other players on several occasions, most of the time as Minty. I have noticed they are also very active on the discord, answering questions, interacting, and being a nice presence on the questions channel. I do think they would be a good fit for mentor!

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