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Making the gun component compatible with syringe guns
Hear me out - you're the MD and you're very short on medical staff:
The HoP offered a raise for anyone that transfers departments to medical... but no one does -
turns out... the CE (or any mechcomp savvy engie) can help you out! A semi-automatic medbay could be achieved via mechcomp!
Imagine a button panel on which you can choose your type of medical emergency - with a few gun components aimed at a marked spot.
Those would shoot you and get you all the chems your body needs.

Of course - this wouldn't eliminate the need for medical staff all together: Someone needs to preform surgery, the syringe guns need to be reloaded, someone needs to actually make the meds...  such-and-such.

If you think this would be OP- make sure to also consider the material cost of syringe guns: Right now- they are DIRT CHEAP. If this feature was to be implemented, I'd recommend making the frame cost for NT syringe guns a bit more expensive - maybe add an exotic material into the recipe like refined honey or something of that sort.

Safety wouldn't be too much of an issue either- as the NT syringe gun chem whitelist would make sure no one (without an EMAG) could poison the medicine supply.

Traitoring with this feature wouldn't be all that bad either! You could make a sneaky knockout trap with a tripwire!

Anyways! Thanks for coming to my TED-talk: Have a great day.
I like this idea, it'd take so long to setup that it's not exactly effective.
As it turns out this was a 1-line change so without thinking about balance or testing it at all I've enabled this
I see no reason not to approve this. As Cal points out it takes setup time and doesn't fully automate medbay either... it MOSTLY does.. but it still requires resupplying and such and we still have to do surgery or treat shock as a doctor.

Also fun trap shennigans are always welcome!

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