Feedback Policy on replying to ahelps
Title: Policy on replying to ahelps

Admin: ???

Server: On servers Goon1, 3 and 4, I imagine
Date + time: N/A
Synopsis: When I make an ahelp, it's sometimes nice to see that an admin replies and lets you know that they're investigating, or that it's been recieved. I just wanted to ask whether or not it was standard admin policy to reply to or confirm reciept of the ahelp, or if it's just a politeness thing that I should be pleasantly surprised by when it does indeed happen.
I don't think it's codified as policy but I think most of the time we respond at least with "looking into it". But really it depends on the particular admin and current workload so don't expect it to happen 100% of the time.
Thank you for clarifying.

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