Feedback flappybat, Main, 6/27/23
Admin: flappybat

Server: Main, Goon1

Date + time: 6/27/23, 3:44 PM, EST

Synopsis:  I mid-joined the round as a staff assistant. Immediately wanted to do some greytiding, so I broke into bridge and took captain's clothes. After doing so, I went into security and started breaking into a security locker. A sec. off. "Harry Dimeling" noticed and immediately sus'd me out. They baton'd me and threw me in brig, where I joked around saying I was cap.

As we were interacting, a jean elemental showed up outside where a cloud of N20 was forming. I asked for the jean elemental's help, and that's when he came in and riot shotgun'd the sec. off.. The jean elemental immediately turned around and left after "disabling" the sec. off.. I then got up, took my handcuffs off, and restrained the sec. off. as a joke that in retrospect was too far.

I then received an admin PM from Katze telling me "When an antagonist is actively attempting to disable a security officer you should not be making the situation worse just because you have a beef with them for arresting you for being in sec". The staff here can see my playtime, and as I'm not new, I still find grey areas with slang that's used on the server such as "greytiding". While I know you shouldn't be self-antag'ing, there exists a grey area where in my understanding, being a nuisance to sec. is encouraged.

My next admin pm was, "You handcuffed a security officer who had been riot gunned by a jean elemental, an antagonist." I had responded "Yeah, this was after the antag had left. I'm not arguing, it won't happen in the future. I just fail to see etc.". At the current time with the jean elemental not being within sight, I figured they were done disabling the sec. off.. While I can now see I got heated and that handcuffing them was borderline self-antag, at the time I thought it was greytiding shenanigan's.

My correspondence with the admin Katze was to add context and clarify on what I wasn't understanding, so receiving a reason for a ban from flappybat telling me I had "poor behavior" and needed to "change my attitude" was a little aggressive considering I was genuinely seeking guidance, not so I could have back-and-forth with the staff. I feel like this could have been avoided with a warn and that my 1 day was a little heavy handed. but that is your decision in the end. I have been banned once in my time here, and I'm always looking to correct my behavior and maintain being aware of what the rules, atmosphere of the game is so I can avoid causing problems. I genuinely enjoy playing here, so the fact I was immediately handed punishment when I genuinely had questions is alarming. Stating, "I'm not arguing, it won't happen in the future" prior to being told by flappybat, "this is not up for debate, change your attitude" just feels weird and aggressive to me when I had just stated I was not trying to argue with the decision being made. 

Extra information: There were 0 words between flappybat and I before being issued my 1-day. Nothing offering warning, guidance, explanation, etc.. Some help would have been genuinely appreciated. This and prior interactions with staff I won't name have been unnecessarily rude
Please delete/archive this.

Since I don't know how forums work, I'd like to retract this. I overreacted and would like to apologize.

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