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[MERGED PR] oshan medical tweaks
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About the PR
- Adds a bin (or disposal chute, if you'd rather call it that) to genetics.
- Adds a door connecting robotics (the storage room, specifically) and the morgue, for easier access.

Why's this needed?
Geneticists didn't deserve having to walk all the way down to medbay proper just to throw away things. Now they can remain in their room forever.
The morgue enjoys a special relationship with robotics, and having to go through the main medbay is also a bit annoying.

(+)Genetics in Oshan now has a disposal chute.
(+)Robotics Storage in Oshan now has a door connecting to the morgue directly.

Oshan's genetics is miserable. You have to go through the monkey cage to throw one thing away...
Oshan is also the most common place for monkey riots.
Yeah i may swap monkey room and genetics at a later point
but i did this first as a sort of atomised measure
if this gets through i have more oshan tweaks to unveil

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