Elias Martin's Head of Security Application
Elias is an amazing officer and great person. Any day I would recommend them to be a HOS. I think they would be amazing at it.
Elias is undoubtedly one of the most friendly and reliable people I've come across in security, and would absolutely make a fantastic HoS. Keeps people updated, is helpful and courteous, and all around makes a round 10x better.
Elias falls under the "struggles with decisiveness" pitfall of security that most RPsec players do, but otherwise, I totally recommend him. I think making more snap decisions on what to do with antags would be a good place to start, as I still sometimes see antags getting antsy in interro and such. Salt is a lovely player and a great roleplayer, and Elias would make a great HoS.
After review of community feedback and internal deliberation, we have accepted your application to become a HoS. Congrats! Please familiarize yourself with our HoS Guidelines and reach out anytime if you have any concerns or questions.

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