HoS Application -- Corbin Dabra
Usual character name: Corbin Dabra and Lucilius Mothwing (Usually Corbin in Security!)
BYOND username: LuciliusMothboy
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Mothboy#8289
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A
Goon servers you play: 3, 4, rarely 1 but most of my Security work is on 3 and 4!

Reason for application: I have played Security for a long while, since August, I think? And it’s one of my favorite roles in the game! I find great enjoyment in playing as a Security Officer and aiding the progression of the round. I like making sure others have fun, and I have fun in the role, too! I also enjoy getting the chance to teach newer Security players. Another one of my favorite roles to play is as Captain. While people don’t typically expect much from the Captain, I very much enjoy RPing the role as, well, the Captain of the station. I have found out through playing as Captain that I enjoy leading others. I’ve even led the Security team before after the HoS, Spacious House, was killed by an Arcfiend. That was one of my favorite rounds as Captain to date. Many of my favorite Security Officer rounds I have also taken on a leadership role, often on lowpop Security. I enjoy Security, I enjoy teaching, and I enjoy acting as a leader and mediator. I would be absolutely honored to play as an HoS.

Security experience (300 word minimum): As stated before, I’ve played Security for a long while, I believe since August, although my memory isn’t great, and have consistently loved being a part of the team. I’ve played in a fairly wide range of scenarios, both with full teams, and with small teams or even on my own. I don’t always win, of course, but that’s part of the fun!

I’ve met and interacted with a wide range of characters and people in my time in Security. I’ve seen people grow a lot, and I personally believe I’ve grown a lot, myself. I played a ton as a Secass, and then an Officer. I’ve spent months as each.

I’ve spent plenty of time trying to teach new players, or at least leaving the offer open. I’m usually very active as a Secoff, the kind of guy who’s often on the front line of cases, although at times I do step back and let others shine, taking smaller cases, relaxing a bit, or acting as backup. I often participate in interrogations, and I try to be as active on comms as possible. I try to share any useful information I gather, and pretty much always answer when I’m asked for (Unless I’m AFK. I try to notify people when I’ll be away for a minute, but sometimes I’m in a rush! Life trumps game, after all.). I often ask questions if I don’t have context for a case, or if I’ve been away and may have missed something. I try to pay attention to comms anytime I’m able to.

At times, I have found myself acting as a leader on the team. Usually this happens with smaller teams who don’t have an HoS and have to deal with particularly troublesome antagonists, or with teams that I believe need a leader for the situation at hand. (Such as during a gangs round, where the Security team was fairly disorganized. I tried to organize, make sure everyone was on the same page, mediate, and delegate. It ended in a disastrous shuttle ride since none of us were experienced with gangs and no one knew how to handle it, + limited information and such, but I still greatly enjoyed leading the team until an actual HoS latejoined in, and I think it could have been worst, at least on the Security side. It was a learning experience for everyone!)

I have fun and often enjoy Security work under pressure. I will not lie, there have been times Security has stressed me out, but I think that’s true for everyone, and I still have a lot of fun in the end. I’ve learned when I need to take a break. 

As Security, I always try to put my best foot forward with how I treat others in game. I try to be firm with antags, while leaving them room to have their fun. I also always make sure my team has a say in the outcome of cases, and are properly informed enough to be able to make those choices. I also make my best effort to protect the crew. Often my donuts don’t go to myself, but to the dying crewmember or teammate who needs immediate medical attention. The flow of the round, and others having fun are incredibly important to me, crucial even. I always act with their best interest at the front of my mind.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players? Well, there’s actually a LOT to cover with this one!

  1. First of all, Communication. This is a BIG one in Security, and one that is very often talked about when it comes to giving Security advice to others. This is one I always make sure to emphasize when training new players. Staying active on comms and communicating to others what you are doing, what needs to be done, and what has happened and what to do about it is incredibly important! No one likes being left in the dark, and talking to your team about something is never a bad idea! If you’re in a tense situation and don’t have the time or space for this communication, using the alert function in the top left corner of your screen is a good alternative. It lets other officers know that you need backup, as well as giving a general location!
  2. Know Your Limits. I’ve played Security a lot, I know that officers generally don’t enjoy going into cryo, however, I want to emphasize: This is not a job! This is a game you play for fun. You have no obligation to stay for the entire round. Your real life, and real emotions always come as a first priority. If the round is too stressful for you, if you need a break or have something important you need to get done, if you simply aren’t feeling well, it’s okay to head out. Emotions tend to be contagious. They can affect the whole team. No one in Security wants other officers to compromise their enjoyment of the game out of a sense of “duty” to the role. It’s important, and a big step towards emotional maturity, to know when you need to take a step back and take a break. Hell, this is something I have struggled with myself. On that note, I also believe it’s a large step in the right direction to know your own flaws in your playstyle, behavior, ect. And to take note of them and actively take steps towards improving yourself. Being able to offer constructive criticism to yourself and being self aware of how you can improve helps a lot with self improvement in general!
  3. Thirdly, Escalation. As a Security Officer, you are one of the main driving forces of how the round progresses, along with the antagonists. It’s crucial to know when to escalate on an antag, to what extent to escalate, how to escalate, etc. Something that I see sometimes on RP is officers who are far too passive and kind of let antags do whatever they want, out of fear of being a “hardass” or “too harsh”. This, I believe, is not the best way to handle an antagonist. You should be firm with an antag and be able to use harsh punishments, such as exile or execution, when the time comes that it would make sense within the context of the round, and be the reasonable next best option. Nonhuman who has murdered someone? That’s a good time to pull out the big guns, metaphorically and sometimes literally. Terrorist dual wielding pistols who has shot down an officer and several civilians? It’s execution time! Arcfiend who has attempted to murder our beloved AI? This is also likely a good time to consider execution. However, it’s also important not to simply kill antags just because you know they’re antags. Give them enough space to have their fun, and do what they do before you take them out. Validhunting does not belong in Security. It’s not something I’ve seen as a problem on the RP servers, or on Goon in general, but I thought it’d be important to mention. See your role in Security from an OOC standpoint as not “hunt the bad guys”, or even “defeat the bad guys”, but “make sure the round has a nice story to it and is fun and engaging for everyone involved, to the best of your ability.” It’s a hard balance, and not everyone will agree on how lenient or hard you should be on antagonists, but just don’t go to either extreme, and try your best to be fair and fun for everyone in the round. It’s something that comes with experience. My best advice on how to find that balance is to treat people you arrest on a case by case basis, ask others on the team for their thoughts on what should be done about someone, escalate on people who keep doing crime after being caught for one, and simply keep playing Security.
  4. Treat Everyone Equally. This is probably one of the most important parts of Security. Don’t treat people you’re friends with, strangers, or people you don’t get along with differently when it comes to Security. Metagrudging and letting your Metafriends get away with antagonistic actions that logically should receive a harsh punishment is a HUGE no-no. Do not do it. Ever. Thankfully this isn’t a problem I’ve seen in Security much, and the cases in which it does happen typically result in administrative action (from my understanding, since it does break the rules flat out.), but it’s still advice that I believe is good to keep in mind regardless. Sometimes people can fall into nasty habits if they’re not careful enough, especially when it comes to socializing in an online game like this, so it’s important to keep in mind what you shouldn’t do. Also, with self-antags, this applies. If someone is doing antagonistic actions, treat them the same as you would an antagonist doing those actions. If you think someone is a self-antag, do not treat them with more leniency than you would an actual antagonist. Do not treat them worse than you would an antagonist doing the same actions, either. After all, you don’t know who the round’s antagonists actually are. Just because they aren’t using antagonist abilities or gear doesn’t mean they aren’t one. However, if you do think someone is self-antagging, ahelp in the moment. Do not wait until after the round to see if they are or are not an antagonist. It’s better to ahelp as things happen, since it gives the admins a better timestamp to go off of.
  5. But Most Of All, Be Kind. The last, very important piece of advice I want to give: Be kind to your fellow players. Show good sportsmanship. One of the things I look for personally in a good Security Officer, and look up to in our HoSii is people who are mature, kind, and courteous to others. We’re all here playing a dumb farty space game to have fun. Treat others with kindness OOC, don’t be a jerk or anything. Being a good, friendly presence in the community is important for any player for that matter, not just Security!
  • What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) Once again, there are numerous things I can cover here! And once again, I will! This post will probably come out as very unnecessarily long, but, well, I have a lot I could say. I have a real passion for the role, and for the game itself.

  1. One of my favorite moments interacting with Security when I wasn’t necessarily part of it was mentioned much earlier in this post. I was Captain, and an Arcfiend had killed the Head Of Security. They seemed to be having trouble with the situation, so I stepped in, in place of their usual leader. It’s not often I take an active role in Security as Captain. I try not to step on anyone’s toes. However, if I’m asked to, or it’s necessary and makes more sense IC and is better for the story and the round for me to step in than for me to not, I will. The Armory was opened. We tracked down the Arcfiend, had a big fight with him in Podbay, and executed him. It was a very fun and climactic round that I think will stay relatively fresh in my memory for a very long time. I greatly enjoyed leading the team, and remember others saying after the round that they also had fun. Something small that isn’t really important about it and is more gimmicky than anything that I enjoyed; I found an HoS Figurine on the ground after the HoS died. I had it plated in Soulsteel. The ghost of the HoS possessed it and ended up even taking it on the shuttle and buckling it into a seat.
  2. I also very much enjoy rounds where I “lose”, or where the “victory” Security earns over the antagonists is a difficult feat to achieve. I have had many rounds like this. One that stands fondly in my memory was a round where it was just a detective and I, and where we had two very violent traitors on Atlas. The first was chased into space and killed by the detective, but had a microbomb, leading both to die. The second was a geneticist with multiple gene powers, and a gun. I ended up recruiting a mime as a security assistant, and getting the AI to use their shell to open the Armory for us, taking hits from the NARC, losing all of their limbs so we could get properly armed to fight off this Geneticist. The Geneticist broke into Security, and it ended up an absolute bloodbath, where the Chaplain joined in at the last moment to finish the takedown when the mime and I were dying, using Faith to kill the Geneticist. The mime security assistant afterwards wrote a letter, saying that the experience was harrowing, and that they were retiring from their duties as Security to continue being a mime. This happened a long while back, so I’m not certain how accurate my memories of this experience are, but it was probably the first time I thought “Hey I should make an HoS app some day.”. And even if it was months ago and my memories are rusty, I feel like such a defining experience is a good example of a moment where shit hit the wall, and we managed to barely crawl back and come out on top. I’m also fond of this round since it led to the crew becoming more involved with the antagonist than is typical on RP, and because it was my first experience truly leading in Security. When an antagonist is such a threat that Security alone has trouble handling it, and other crewmates pitch in to help, those are truly some of my favorite moments as Security. And I especially enjoy when I have the chance to lead the charge, too!
  3. I also very much enjoy rounds where I get to do a lot of PVE. One round, on lowpop, the station was overrun with nanite swarms. A miner had been mining them for the first time, and accidentally released like 30 of them. So our, oddly fairly complete Security team, ran to fight the nanites. An admin was doing a gimmick, so a lot of us had special weapons that were stronger than our normal baton, and we were admin healed during the fight, however, I never used the admin given weapon I had. I literally just bashed them in with harmbaton, and got quite a few this way. When all the nanites were dead, most of Security took a break and celebrated, but I instead opted to clean the entire station (we had no janitors), and help the crew fix the place up. I had a ton of fun fighting all of those nanites, trying to defend the crew, and cleaning after. It felt like some kind of epic boss fight. I also very much enjoy the wormhole event. One time, after being consumed by a shambling abomination, I was cloned and given a QM jumpsuit while the HoS went to get me new gear and a new ID. A wormhole event then spawned. So, I ran around station in nothing but a quartermaster’s jumpsuit, punching bears, martians, fermids, scorpions, and wasps to death. I had no weapon. I was literally just punching them. The HoS eventually chased me down, threw a security officer token and ID at me, and told me to go get dressed, so I went to actually get geared up after. But it was a fun and hilarious few minutes of basically refusing to back down from a fight when I had nothing. I enjoy running at mobs and fighting them head on, and I like getting to go to Medbay and talk with the doctors after. It’s enjoyable RP for me, and a fun characterization that I’ve stuck with for Corbin for a long while on this server.

There are many, many more rounds I loved that I could ramble on and on about in this section, but to sum up my thoughts concisely; My favorite Security rounds are ones that provide a challenge to the entire station itself, ones that are difficult and give fun stories to tell! And I absolutely LOVE to act as a leader when the station is in these challenging situations.

  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. When part of a full team, I’m very active on comms and share any relevant information I can with other officers. I always try to fill people in who missed something important, and I always ask for a sitrep when I’ve missed part of the round due to either latejoining or being SSD. I offer to teach and assist any officer or assistant who is new, and generally ask in a friendly manner if people are a new hire, if I haven’t seen them around before. I also tend to ask for input on my actions from the rest of the team, to make sure we’re on the same page. When I’m the only officer, I always state over general comms that I’m the only officer, and ask others in the station to inform me if there’s any issues, crime, or if they’re in danger, and to use crisis alerts when necessary. I also will occasionally check in and ask over general comms if everyone’s doing well, and will generally pay more attention to non-security comms channels. As the only officer, I’m a lot more decisive in my rulings rather than asking others for feedback, but will take feedback from the Captain if there is one. I like to think my rulings and decisions as solosec are fairly reasonable and fun for the antagonists, since I always try to provide conflict for them, but, well, we’ll see if the commenters think so! Hopefully they do.
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

    • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
    • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run? I don’t run a whole lot of gimmicks as Security, but sometimes I do! Generally this consists of taking part in or building off of the gimmicks of others, or smaller gimmicks, such as raising a pet bee in security (I have done this. I prayed and got a hat for her! Syndicate Hat, actually, which I RPed as “The S clearly stands for Security!) or growing flowers in my free-time on a calm shift (something I want to do but haven’t had the chance.). I’ll also do silly stuff, like ticketing Wraiths, or doing a training exercise with an assistant that involves detaining a monkey. Or, actually straight up detaining monkies that attack people. I think one time I also kept filling chairs with plushies on a quiet shift, but I can’t remember if that was as Security or Captain. I’ve also done boxing as Security a couple of times. Could probably play with fishing a bit, too. Basically I do smaller gimmicky things that don’t take away from my job as a secoff, aren’t too distracting, and help with character development.
    • Draw a picture!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None! As stated on previous applications, I’ve had warnings and such, I don’t have a perfect record, but thankfully my mistakes have never gotten me banned. I fully plan to keep it that way and continue improving.
Lucilius is a very competent officer that's fun to be around and pleasant to talk to. They are very polite on the discord and certainly know their stuff on how to give antagonists a fair chance in order to make a fun and exciting round. And while it's definitely extremely different from being a head of security, I have seen Lucilius play captain, and they seem fairly comfortable leading.

Am fairly happy to recommend Lucilius as a head of security

I've often seen Corbin on security. They're smart and quick to action, as well as being knowledgeable in the field. They've stepped up to lead the team a couple times, but they did fairly well. I also see Lucilius as captain, and they keep the station calm and focused. Happy to give a +1.
We appreciate the time and effort you put into this application, but have decided to deny it due to a lack of community response. You're welcome to reapply in 60 days, which would be 2023-10-08. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep sec officering!

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